TWT Bengaluru Conference (Dec 10)

2nd Conference of Technical Writers in Bengaluru

The Bengaluru Technical Writers’ Conference has limited number of seats. Tech Writers from multiple companies are expected to have a great time together to learn, interact and network.
Thank you for joining. See you soon in the next one.
Tech Writer’s Tribe started its journey to strengthen the technical writers’ community on March 28, 2020 with webinars and online knowledge-sharing sessions. The journey continues……….

The Online Impact

  • 130+ consecutive weekends of events
  • 70+ presenters from India and abroad
  • 12,000+ technical writers, API Documentation writers, and UX Writers as participants
  • 80+ volunteers to contribute for the cause of community building
  • TWT teams in multiple cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata) and regions (such as NCR, Kerala and Gujarat)

The Road Ahead: In-Person Conferences

With the world opening up after the COVID era, TWT is hosting in-person city-based conferences for Tech Writers. After Hyderabad (Aug 20), Bengaluru (Aug 27), Pune (Sept 17), NCR (Nov 12), Chennai (Dec 3), the 6th conference of 2022 is scheduled to be hosted at Bengaluru on Dec 10, 2022.

The Conference

Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) invites all technical writers to join the second in-person conference in Bengaluru.
  • The Venue: Hotel Vijay Residency, N. 18, III Main Road Gandhinagar Bengaluru – 560009
  • Coming from Outside: Contact the same hotel giving reference of conference or else call Volunteers
  • The Date: Dec 10 2022
  • The Time: 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM IST

The Organising Committee

Any event involves a lot of hard work. TWT is glad to have city volunteers who give their best efforts to make an event successful and care to think about all facilities of the participants and speakers.
For this conference in Bengaluru, Raghavendra, Ishaan, Maya and Swarna are leading the efforts. For any questions, feel free to connect with them.

The Expectation

The conference provides a platform for interaction, networking, and learning for technical writers from all levels, with segments tailored to suit: 
  • Technical Writers
    • Technical writers who want to join or grow in the IT industry but are struggling and need guidance from the experts.
    • Technical writers who want to leverage the power of community bonding.
  • Leaders 
    • Mid-level or senior managers who want to achieve more with their team members and want to identify gaps.
  • Passionate about trends
    • Learn new trends that can help them as a technical writer.
    • Understand how technical writing has evolved over the years.
  • Employers
    • Understand how to use Technical Documentation as a third pillar of building a product.
    • Understand the process of documentation. 
    • Hire skilled technical writers.

Session 1

The Session: Unravel the enigma of sizing effort for better execution
– Do you have challenges in measuring your team’s productivity?
– Do you often get ad hoc doc requests and have trouble in streamlining them?
– Do you want to ensure that your team is not burnt out and that the work is evenly distributed?
– Are you not sure if each team member has the capacity (in terms of hours) to pursue their professional goals, innovations, trainings, certifications, etc.) outside of their project work?
This presentation will help you unfold these problems and will help you streamline the documentation effort for your team. The solution in this presentation is more data-driven that will help you in planning your staffing requirements and also present the required metrics to the leadership.
This is a proven solution that will suit any organization, be it services-based or product-based, and it can be implemented across domains.
The Speakers: Priya Mollyn, Uthra Chandrasekaran, and Sheela P S
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presenter 1: Priya Mollyn
Current Role: Senior Manager, Cisco
In her own words
A seasoned engineering leader with 24+ years of experience across who various roles such as engineer, technical leader, engineering manager, program manager & leader for technical documentation in the domain of networking, collaboration, telecommunications & Webex contact center. Presently working as a Senior Manager, I am passionate about solving challenges, defining processes, adapting to the industry changes, learning, growing the talent and motivating the team to produce the best for customers.
Follow me on LinkedIn
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presenter 2: Uthra Chandrasekaran
Current Role: Lead Technical Writer, Cisco
In her own words
A certified Technical Communicator with extensive experience in – software and hardware documentation, setting-up doc processes, and mentoring writers. Interested in interfacing with customers to understand their requirements and translate that into end-user documents.
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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presenter 3: Sheela P S
Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Cisco
In her own words
I am a Technical Writer with 18+ years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industry. Interested in mentoring, managing projects, experimenting with new tools, researching SEO, analytics, and customer experience surveys.
Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Session 2

The Session: Addressing challenges faced by Technical Writers
As a technical writer, we face many challenges in our content during its documentation lifecycle. Authoring, publishing, workflows, style guides, content re-use, and analytics are the most important aspects for technical writers to focus on.
Key Highlights
– The challenges faced by technical writers.
– The emergence of SaaS based documentation platform to address the challenges faced by technical writers.
The Speaker: Selvaraaju Murugesan
Current Role: Data Strategist,
In his own words
Dr. Selvaraaju (Selva) Murugesan received the B.Eng. degree in Mechatronics Engineering (Gold medalist) from Anna University in 2004 and the M.Eng. degree from LaTrobe University, Australia, in 2008. He has received his Ph.D. degree in Computational mathematics, LaTrobe University, Australia.
His interests are in the areas of business strategy, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and technical documentation.
Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Session 3 

The Session: Securing the data in Cloud using blockchain technology
Blockchain technology has the extensive potential to fundamentally transform the digital world by facilitating a distributed consensus. It means that every single transaction, whether be it past or present, including digital assets, can be checked at any time in future.
Key Highlights of the session
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • How blockchain technology works
  • How blockchain technology adds value to the real world
  • Concepts on Hyperledger
  • Real-life application
  • Effective way to document the blockchain technology contents
  • The Speaker: Priyadarshi Mishra
    Current Role: Assistant Manager, Ctrls Services Pvt Ltd
    In his own words
    I am Priyadarshi Mishra, working as a technical writer for Ctrls Services Pvt Ltd as an Assistant Manager. I have overall 13 yrs of experience. I have published 2 journals and currently writing a book on cloud computing. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 4 

    The Session: Career Discussion and Career Path
    Are you a newbie in the field of technical writing? Then, join the session to get help and guidance in defining a clear career path. To be able to have a defined path and clarity of vision, it is really critical to take charge of your own goals. Analyse and define it so well that you are already aware of where you are heading. Define regular checks to asses if you are in the right path or not.
    Key Highlights
    – What is the importance of defining a career path?
    – What is the difference between a job path and career path?
    The Speaker: Zeba Shireen
    Current Role: Staff Technical Writer, Societe Generale Global Solution Center
    In her own words
    I am a technical writer with around 10 years of experience now. I have been a part of the Content Management System (CMS) for four well-established organizations. The scope of work spans overwriting for product development as well as service offerings. I am currently associated with Societe Generale Global Solution Center.
    I have worked extensively on various kinds of projects and have created multiple documents. The key to my work has always been my networking skills. I have always given importance to the people I have been associated with.
    I have always been keen on meeting new people and improving my network. Not just to call it connection but also to keep in touch to help each other and for each other’s benefits. I regularly participate in behavioral sessions and implement them to upskill myself.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 5

    The Session: Eliciting Content Engagement through Visual Cues
    As they say, ‘Writing is a labor of love’ especially when someone finds a document easy to read & comprehend. However, it demands tremendous efforts by writers in its development. For a long time, technical documentation has existed in several forms universally to communicate, coordinate, convey, conform, and so on. However, simplified and language-agnostic documentation that everyone can understand with relative ease is still elusive.
    • What if we could harness the evolving technology to enhance the reading experience and garner more attention and interest?
    • What if we can address the short-attention span of readers with a quicker visual experience?
    C’mon, let’s all learn HOW!!!
    The Speaker: Nandini Sridharan
    Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Cisco
    In her own words
    I am an experienced technical & UX writer in the software industry, who has a flair for designing content for various application products. I am gifted with the ability to understand sophisticated concepts in information technology with ease and dissipate it to allow others to understand them with ease.
    I am a highly motivated individual who likes collaborating with cross-functional teams with a focus on Quality, Productivity & Innovation. My skills and accomplishments have thus far attracted many accolades in my professional experience.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 6

    The Session: Tool demo: Document360
    Learn about Document360 through a demonstration by the team. Also, get answers of your questions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 7 

    The Session: Panel Discussion The Topic: Technical Documentation in the world of SaaS and Cloud
    While the panel of leaders and experienced technical writing professionals, share the current scenario of Cloud documentation and skills required for such documentation, participants can share their experience as well as get their questions answered.
    The Speakers: Multiple
    • Thanuja Sateesh | Director, Technical Publications, Synopsys. Connect at LinkedIn
    • Deboshri Paul | Manager, Information Development | Ellucian. Connect at LinkedIn
    • Roopa Ravikumar | User Assistance Development Architect, (SAP Labs)

    Panelist 1: Thanuja Sateesh
    Current Role: Director, Technical Publications, Synopsys
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Panelist 2: Deboshri Paul
    Current Role: Manager, Information Development | Ellucian
    In her own words
    An experienced people leader and technical writing professional who’s passionate about discussing and understanding the world of user experience in software products. Starting out as a software developer, the discovery of the field of technical writing was quite organic and euphoric for me.
    My past experience – both in product development as well as in crafting quality user-facing documentation – informs my decisions as a people leader. Building out entire teams and departments from scratch, establishing effective and optimal processes, pushing boundaries in helping set up a team with a fabulous cohesive friendly culture, grooming future leaders, encouraging industry best practices in content reuse and related concepts within the team, engaging with cross-functions such as marketing, customer support, and product management teams to go deeper into customer territory are what keep me charged. As a people leader, mentoring and guiding young professionals in finding their calling and niche is another aspect of my role I absolutely enjoy.
    My work has taken me across locations in India and for a bit in Dominican Republic. Today, since the past five years, am based out of Bangalore with my spouse and two rescued Indie dogs who are the center of our lives. I thrive on pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. The word ‘unlearn’ and how it can extend into any topic is something that fascinates me. On my own time, some of the things that make life truly meaningful are my efforts in street dog welfare and rescue for cases mostly resulting from human apathy or human-animal conflict, exploring the great outdoors through road trips, treks, hikes with our furkids – or even solo, reading, and long deep conversations with my spouse. I hold my me-times, consciously practicing ‘doing nothing’, pretty sacred!
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Panelist 3: Roopa Ravikumar
    Current Role: User Assistance Development Architect, (SAP Labs)
    About her
    Roopa Ravikumar specializes in Technical Communication and User Assistance. She comes with over 25 years of experience and has been with SAP since 1999. She has a wide range of experience including writing, editing, publishing, mentoring, and training, and has managed technical writing groups.
    Roopa is currently the Global Program Lead managing user assistance programs for the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Asset Management and is also a part of the team that drives the future user assistance strategy and innovations for SAP. She has presented papers, conducted workshops, and been a panelist and speaker at various industry events. She is also a regular speaker at universities in India about user assistance and how it can serve as a promising career for students.
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 8 

    The Session: Leadership Summit
    Group of Leaders in technical documentation come together to share and discuss the current scenario, challenges, solutions and actions required for a better future of technical documentation and technical writers in Bengaluru and outside.
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