TWT Bengaluru Offline Conference (March 18, 2023)

3rd Conference of Technical Writers in Bengaluru

Tech Writer’s Tribe started its journey to strengthen the technical writers’ community on March 28, 2020 with webinars and online knowledge-sharing sessions. The journey continues……….

The Online Impact

  • 150+ consecutive weekends of events
  • 100+ presenters from India and abroad
  • 13,000+ technical writers, API Documentation writers, and UX Writers as participants
  • 100+ volunteers to contribute for the cause of community building
  • TWT teams in multiple cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata) and regions (such as NCR, Kerala and Gujarat)

The Road Ahead: In-Person Conferences

With the world opening up after the COVID era, TWT is hosting in-person city-based conferences for Tech Writers. After Hyderabad (Aug 20), Bengaluru (Aug 27 and Dec 10), Pune (Sept 17), NCR (Nov 12), Chennai (Dec 3) in 2022 and the first one in 2023 at Pune (March 4), TWT is set to host the third offline conference in Bengaluru (March 18).

The Conference

Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) invites all technical writers to join the third in-person conference in Bengaluru.
  • The Venue: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Survey.No.192, Whitefield Main Rd, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560048
  • The Date: March 18, 2023
  • The Time: 9.30 AM – 2.30 PM IST

The Expectation

The conference provides a platform for interaction, networking, and learning for technical writers from all levels, with segments tailored to suit: 
  • Technical Writers
    • Technical writers who want to join or grow in the IT industry but are struggling and need guidance from the experts.
    • Technical writers who want to leverage the power of community bonding.
  • Leaders 
    • Mid-level or senior managers who want to achieve more with their team members and want to identify gaps.
  • Passionate about trends
    • Learn new trends that can help them as a technical writer.
    • Understand how technical writing has evolved over the years.
  • Employers
    • Understand how to use Technical Documentation as a third pillar of building a product.
    • Understand the process of documentation. 
    • Hire skilled technical writers.

Session 1 

The Session: AI Writing – Threat to Writers? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to imitate human capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning and so on. AI has been around for a while. It is used by various businesses to complete certain tasks and gradually enhance the different operations based on the data collected.   Key Highlights of the session
  • How AI is used in the SaaS applications with few examples.
  • What is AI writing?
  • How is it trending – what are the possible pros and cons?
  • Will AI writers replace specialized writers?
The Speakers: Diana Divya S V and Thanuja V Presenter 1: Diana Divya S V Current Role: User Assistance Developer Architect, SAP Labs In her own words ========================== I am a User Assistance Developer Architect with SAP for about 10 years. I am a trainer and mentor for new UAs at SAP. My other interests include baking and reading. A newfound hobby during covid times is gardening! Follow me on LinkedIn Presenter 2: Thanuja V Current Role: User Assistance Developer Architect, SAP Labs In her own words ========================== I am working at SAP for the past 10 years and on. I am a trainer for the DITA CCMS courses and UA Visibility course. I am a mentor for new UAs at SAP. My hobbies and interests are listening to music, binge-watching dramas on OTT platforms, practicing yoga, and reading articles. During the Work From Home phase, I started my baby steps in learning Carnatic music and Guitar. Follow me on LinkedIn

Session 2

The Session: SaaS documentation Software as a Service (SaaS) is a new offering that allows users to connect to cloud-based applications over the Internet. SaaS continues to evolve as business needs and industry requirements grow, which opens up opportunities for evolving documentation. SaaS documentation is ready-to-use, with several out-of-the-box components and templates, and is easily customizable to meet business needs. SaaS documentation enables smooth user onboarding, supports product adoption, and reduces support calls. Key Highlights of the session
  • Planning for SaaS documentation.
  • Differences between SaaS and Traditional documentation.
  • Benefits of documentation in SaaS.
The Speakers: Poornima Rajesh and Morris James Frank _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presenter 1: Poornima Rajesh Current Role: Scrum Master and Lead Information Developer, HPE About her ========================== Poornima is a Scrum Master and Lead Information Developer with more than 18 years of experience in Technical communication. She has been with HPE for more than a decade managing documentation for various HPE GreenLake and Cloud Computing projects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. She is passionate about acting, gardening, and traveling. Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presenter 2: Morris James Frank Current Role: Technical Writer, HPE About him ========================== Morris has an overall work experience of 14+ years, and has been a technical writer for 4.5 years. Morris has been with HPE since August 2021 and works on documentation for multiple HPE products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts from St. Josephs College, Bangalore. Off work, Morris likes sports (mainly cricket and football) and enjoys playing bass guitar and listening to music. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Session 3

Group Activity: UI/UX Workshop As a tech writer, you are always closely involved with UI. Participate in a game prepared by expered and test yourself in a team. There will be judges, winners and rewards too. Join in and have fun with learning. Key Highlights
  • Designed by UX experts for tech writers
  • Audience uses analytical and tech writing skills to work together for the solution
  • The Judge (UX expert) rates the solutions
  • The winning team gets rewarded

Session 4 

Panel Discussion: AI – Boon or Bane for Tech Writers
The Hosts: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
TWT is thankful to Hewlett Packard Enterprise for hosting the Offline conference to help the tech writing community. We would like to thank Sunitha Somanna and team from HPE for helping us organise the learning event for tech writers.
Tech Writer’s Tribe Bengaluru Volunteer Team
TWT Volunteer team at Bengaluru has been at the forefront from more than a year making multiple successful efforts to help the tech writing community by organising multiple online events. The team has already organises two successful offline events in 2022 (Aug 27 and Dec 10) for tech writers after COVID era.
The Team:
Raghavendra V, Sufyan, Meenal, Tanuja, Ishaan, Swarna

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