TWT Chennai Offline Conference (May 27, 2023)


Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers based at Chennai and nearby to attend the second offline conference of Technical Writers organised by TWT Chennai Team of Deepa and Jude.

The first conference (Dec 3, 2022) was the biggest ever regional event held in Chennai for tech writing community. 

Let us join hands again and make it a bigger success to yield better benefit for the tech writers of Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

About the Conference

The Schedule

The Experts and their Sessions

The Presenter: Selvaraaju
Current Role: Head of Data Science at Document360

The Topic

Producing Generative AI-friendly content

About the Session

It is obvious that technical writers write knowledge base articles for human consumption. The knowledge base article comes in plethora of flavours such as software product feature, user manual, technical spec document, configuration guides, procedures, and so on.

The humans consume that knowledge base article and do some actions! This paradigm shift is occurring in how knowledge being created, knowledge being consumed and how some actions with that knowledge are being executed.

This shift is being caused by the technological trends and consumer behaviour.

In this talk, I shall cover how consumer behaviour trends are going to impact how technical writers produce knowledge base articles and how consumers are going to utilize the knowledge to undertake certain actions.

About the Presenter

Dr. Selvaraaju Murugesan is the Head of Data Science at Document360.

He leads Artificial Intelligence product feature development that leverages data analytics to generate actionable insights across all components of documentation lifecycle.

He also speaks at Tekom conferences and delivers technical presentations across the globe.

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The Presenter: Shanti Narayanan
Current Role: Associate Vice President at Temenos

The Topic

Out of Box Thinking

About the Session

Have you ever wondered why some documentation is not only simple and easy to understand but also elegant and impactful?

Why do some technical writers manage to stand out from the crowd, even though they follow the same rules and guidelines as everyone else? What sets them apart?

As a technical writer, you are no stranger to the standard process and routine that goes into creating quality documentation.

The established DDLC is essential to set clear expectations for yourself and your team, especially for newer writers. But, is sticking to a routine enough to make you stand out in today’s competitive market?

What sets you apart from the crowd, irrespective of which stage you are in your career is your ability to look into “Details” and your “out of-box-thinking” Simply receiving knowledge transfer from a business architect, SME, or tester and reproducing the information is unlikely to get you very far.

As you progress through your career, your approach to documentation should evolve, accommodating wider angles and broader perspectives to your story.

While this may seem like standard practice, in this session, we will explore several areas where we can shift our perceptions and improve our content creation process.

About the Presenter

I am an Associate Vice President with 15 years of experience in technical writing. I specialize in establishing COE, collaborating with diverse geographical teams, leading large teams and ensuring that the technical writing standards and processes are established and adhered to across the organization.

In this role, I have worked closely with cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, and customer support, to ensure that technical documentation is aligned with product requirements and customer needs.

I believe my key strength as a leader is my ability to build and maintain strong relationships with team members and stakeholders.

I encourage my team members to voice their opinions, challenge assumptions, and propose creative solutions.

I am committed to fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, where everyone has a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

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The Presenter: Pravin Kumar
Current Role: Information Developer at Capgemini Engineering

The Topic

API documentation using Swagger

About the Session

The presentation will cover the following:

  • Into to OpenApi, Swagger, Json format, and Postman. The work process of API in design phase and the documents which are used by writers to document the API in swagger. How to test these API endpoints in Postman ? How to use Swagger editor to verify the output before commiting the output in GIT? The structure of the Json document which would converted to HTML by Swagger.

About the Presenter

Innovative Technical Writer with 5+ years of experience

I’m working as Information Developer at Capgemini Engineering. I am responsible for documenting API for IBM Tape storage solutions.

My API journey started when I learned the syntax for JSON. I worked with SMEs around the globe to acquire knowledge on this subject. I have exposure in the plan and the design phase of a new API project.

I have tested the endpoints using Postman and reported inaccuracies with the responses. I have also created a standalone document that helps a user to get started with the API service.

I have mentored my team and taken KT sessions on this subject.

I’m a nature enthusiast. I learn about nature by involving myself in various sports activities like Surfing, Canyoneering, and Trekking. I have also volunteered through NGOs for beach clean-ups and helped kids on treks to experience nature.

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Panel Discussion

Jayashree brings in around twenty plus years of experience. She brings rich experience in creating SOPs and high-quality end-user documentation for IT Infrastructure Services and Application Packaging.

In her career as a technical writer, she has worked both as an individual contributor and a manager. Her current role is in the Apparel domain, for a leading customer in the US. She enjoys doing hand work and listening to music during her leisure time.

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Professional technical writer with 16+ years of experience. Worked in different domains. Specialized in DITA XML and content strategy.

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Gayatri has an experience of 10+ years in Technical Writing leadership roles. Her strengths include diligence, resilience, and servant leadership. Her focus is on fostering a conducive environment to perform tasks better and proactively achieve organizational and departmental objectives while encouraging the individuals to pursue their personal goals.

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I have created intuitive product documentation and training materials. I’m always interested in trying new methodologies and processes that simplify writer’s workload and save time. I have around nineteen plus years of experience in Technical Writing and Training Areas.

As an avid blogger, I’ve published a set of blogs using Word Press with topics about self development, time management and help documentation.

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Leadership Summit

Multiple leaders of Technical Documentation teams from various companies of Chennai share platform to discuss current trends, challenges and solutions.

The audience can interact with questions.

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