TWT Conference of Technical Writers at NCR (Nov 12)

Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers based at Chennai and nearby to attend the first offline conference of Technical Writers organised by TWT NCR team led by Anshita.

Conference of Technical Writers in NCR

The NCR Technical Writers’ Conference has limited number of seats. Participants from 45+ companies are expected to have a great time together to learn, interact and network.
Early Bird is over. You can still register as an individual or group of 3 and more by choosing the other option.

The Process
  • Fill the registration form with payment details
  • View Acknowledgement after successful submission
  • Join TWT NCR WhatsApp group for other communication
  • Receive an invite by Nov 9 or later if you register after that
  • To contact for any question, call +91 7337332587 or write to
  • Reach the venue on Nov 12 by 9.30 AM

  • Tech Writer’s Tribe started its journey to strengthen the technical writers’ community on March 28, 2020 with webinars and online knowledge-sharing sessions. The journey continues……….

    The Online Impact

    • 130+ consecutive weekends of events
    • 70+ presenters from India and abroad
    • 12,000+ technical writers, API Documentation writers, and UX Writers as participants
    • 80+ volunteers to contribute for the cause of community building
    • TWT teams in multiple cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata) and regions (such as NCR, Kerala and Gujarat)

    The Road Ahead: In-Person Conferences

    With the world opening up after the COVID era, TWT is hosting in-person city-based conferences for Tech Writers. After Hyderabad (Aug 20), Bengaluru (Aug 27), Pune (Sept 17), the 4th conference of 2022 is scheduled to be hosted at NCR (New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and nearby areas) on Nov 12.

    The Conference

    Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) invites all technical writers to join their first in-person conference in NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and nearby areas).
    • The Venue: Hotel Metro View, 17A, 3, Block 7, Block 10, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
    • Location: A 3-minute walk from Karol Bagh metro station
    • The Date: 12th Nov 2022
    • The Time: 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM IST

    The Organising Committee

    Any event involves a lot of hard work. TWT is glad to have city volunteers who give their best efforts to make an event successful and care to think about all facilities of the participants and speakers.
    For this conference at NCR, Anshita Dhawan is leading the efforts. For any questions, feel free to connect with her.

    The Expectation

    The conference provides a platform for interaction, networking, and learning for technical writers from all levels, with segments tailored to suit: 
    • Technical Writers
      •  Technical writers who want to join or grow in the IT industry but are struggling and need guidance from the experts.
      • Technical writers who want to leverage the power of community bonding.
    • Leaders 
      • Mid-level or senior managers who want to achieve more with their team members and want to identify gaps.
    • Passionate about trends
      • Learn new trends that can help them as a technical writer.
      • Understand how technical writing has evolved over the years.
    • Employers
      • Understand how to use Technical Documentation as a third pillar of building a product.
      • Understand the process of documentation. 
      • Hire skilled technical writers.

    Session 1

    The Session: The Journey from a tech writer to leading a software development business unit
    I started working as a technical writer from 2001. It was only in 2018 that I was asked to lead a dev team as a program manager.
    Post that, I learnt that some of the skills I’d acquired over the years as a technical writer came in handy for the new role. For example, asking business analysts to document requirements in business requirements document, asking them to create mockups, document user stories, definition of completion, etc.
    In my presentation, I share with other technical writers about my journey from an individual technical writer to a business unit head. I will also share what other skills one needs to acquire in order to take leadership roles within the company.
    The Speaker: Rahul Prabhakar
    Current Role: Senior Director Software Development
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his own words
    My experience has centered around complex Program Management, Agile Project Management, IT Delivery Management, Product Development, Client Management, Technical Writing, Business Analysis, and Content Strategy, across multiple business verticals. I have worked with some of the best technology companies in the world, including Samsung Electronics (in South Korea), Oracle Corporation, Agilent Technologies, IGT Solutions, etc.
    I like solving technological challenges for customers. I have demonstrated experience in the implementation of global software development projects. I have experience in all aspects of product development, application development, security, product control, architecture, and infrastructure. As a Certified Cloud Practitioner, I have rich experience in the implementation of cloud projects, moving on-premises data to AWS or Azure for migrations or ongoing workflows.
    I have successfully managed and delivered with quality a variety of Customer Communication Management projects at Espire. Am also considered an SME on complex domains like Travel and Semiconductors. Key projects successfully delivered to clients include Emirates Flagship Cargo Management Solution called Skychain and SITA’s risk assessment solution called Visitor Information System built for the Omani government. I have exhibited leadership in creating and launching F&B products in the US market.
    The portfolio includes Table Reservation System, Web Dashboard, Food Delivery Solutions, Point of Sale Solutions, Loyalty Program, Integration with Third-party Payment Gateways. Toppled competition, for instance OpenTable, creating market disruption in the process. Impressive success in establishing the Center of Excellence and setting up teams from scratch; booked and billed several work orders for Lionbridge Korea, helping the Korea site attain double-digit growth.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 2

    Process Innovation: Paradigm Shift in the Documentation Process
    • Do you find it tough to collaborate, coordinate, and convene documentation?
    • Have trouble aligning with cross-functional teams?
    • Do you get confused about the accountability of a task?
    • Is it tough to get review comments in time from the SME?
    • Do you get stuck in handling customer escalations for documentation?

    If the answer to these questions is a yes, then this session is gonna be useful for you. This presentation gives you a walkthrough of a proven and successful process that leveraged existing tools and processes to mitigate these common issues.
    The Speaker: Nitin Beri
    Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Cisco
    In his own words
    I am Nitin Beri having around 17 years of experience in various genre of content curation. However, 3/4th part of my career has been around Technical Writing where I have contributed in the capacity of both as an IC and people’s manager.
    Follow me on LinkedIn

    Session 3

    Product documentation via Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) 
    DAP is now a must-have product for organizations to improve product adoption by providing readily available guides, announcing new features, generating analytics on feature use, and many more – right from the application itself. Technical Writers are the best ones in an organization who can implement and use DAPs to solve the real customer pain in an organization.
    In this session, we will cover the following points:
    • What is a DAP, and what are the leading DAPs available in the market?
    • How to select the correct DAP solution for your organization?
    • How easy is it to implement a DAP solution?
    • Creating and publishing Walkthroughs, In-app Guides, Product Announcements, Tool Tips, Feedback, and many more via DAP. Documentation via DAP in a release cycle.

    The Speaker: Kumar Vaibhav
    Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Safe Security
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his own words
    I am a Technical Writer with 11+ Years of experience and a certified Product Manager (CSPO), worked on several applications, including mobile apps, on-prem, and SaaS products of fortune 500 companies.
    I have expertise in implementing documentation tools and processes, developing In-app Guides via DAP, User Guides, Release Notes, Quick Reference Guides, Troubleshooting Guides, Product Training Tutorials, and Product Demonstration Videos.
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    Session 4 

    The Session: Technical Writers on Top – Connecting Silos with CoP
    Community of Practice (CoP) is an amalgamation of a Community (Who cares about it), Domain (What we care about), and Practice (What we do together about it). A successful CoP (w.r.t. to technical writing domain) aims for being an expert, valuable, and driven team that is recognized for offering effective and high-quality, unified content solutions.
    CoP welcomes diversity of thought where we get to know each other with some fun activities and games and at the same time acknowledge hard work and jobs well done. In most organizations, the technical writing/content development department is not as recognized as are other departments and treated as an unimportant part of a company.
    CoP bridges this gap and with continuous effort ensures technical writing/content development departments are valued and known across the company.
    The Speaker: Abhinav Aditya
    Current Role: Lead technical writer, Aristocrat
    In his own words
    Who am I: Like to plan things in advance and believe in the motto that Timing is Everything
    Family: Mother, Father, Wife, Sister, and Daughter
    Professional: Involved in writing, instructional design, information architecture, content management, and content development for more than 10 years. In the last two years started mentoring new writers and leading a team of exciting tech writers.
    • Favorites/Hobbies: Music – Linkin Park
    • Food – Chili Chicken (Dry)
    • Books – Sapiens and Kite Runner
    • Travel – All around the world
    • Playing football and cricket, binge-watching shows, writing, and reading both fiction and non-fiction novels.
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    Session 5 

    The Session: Trending: Creating a documentation website using Antora
    • Do you need to document a product but don’t know what free tools and software to use?
    • Do you want to start your own blog?
    • Do you know about any open-source documentation tools? Have you heard about Antora?

    Antora, like Jekyll, is a static site generator and can be used to document and publish all of your documents. Join this session to learn more about Antora, what it can do, and how it outperforms Jekyll and Hugo. You’ll also learn about DocOps, as without DocOps Antora is incomplete.
    The Speaker: Gaurav Trivedi
    Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Red Hat
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his own words
    I’m an avid writer who loves to read, converse, and connect. Currently working at Red Hat, I’m loving my career in this interesting and versatile profile. I’ve always been a person who thrives to learn, gain experience, and sincere at whatever I do. I’ve been using Antora for over five years. I’m currently using it daily to document many of projects at Red Hat, my current organization.
    Follow me on LinkedIn ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 6 

    The Session: Share and Learn – Working as a Leader / IC (Group Discussion)
    The session is about learning from experience of each other. While Niharika and Sumit will be the primary speakers, people from audience will also share their journey and current situation. The Speakers to share their evolution in the technical documentation field, the current achievements and challenges, and the key to succeed in the current environment.
    The Speaker: Niharika Choudhary 
    Current Role: Manager, Information Development, Precisely
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
    I have more than 18 years of experience in the field of Information Development and communication. I am leading a team of 12 information developers across three different locations of Precisely India offices. In this role, I communicate and coordinate with major stakeholders, such as product management, professional services, UX architects, sales, support, globalization, and legal team to ensure our user assistance is technically accurate, easily understood, and retains the very important customer perspective.
    Besides being an information developer, I am a mom to a teenage daughter and I use all the communication skills mastered through life to maintain that tricky balance of love and discipline with her. I have a passion for fitness and that consumes all my spare time. I exercise, dance, and do yoga to keep going. I undertake one trekking trip every year to connect with nature and Shiv. I am just back from the Tungnath Chandrashila trek. Follow me on LinkedIn
    The Speaker: Sumit Batra
    Current Role: Lead Technical Writer, Siemens (Noida)
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his own words
    During my 12+ years of experience working, I have handled end to end technical documentation requirements for start-ups, service-based and product-based companies.
    I have also contributed as a Freelance trainer, mentor and technical writer.
    Previously worked as Product Owner,UX Writer and API writer. Learning is what keeps me going and sharing knowledge is what excites me always.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 7 

    The Session: Share and Learn – Working as a Leader / IC (Group Discussion)
    The session is about learning from experience of each other. While Niharika and Sumit will be the primary speakers, people from audience will also share their journey and current situation. The Speakers to share their evolution in the technical documentation field, the current achievements and challenges, and the key to succeed in the current environment.
    The Speaker: All women
    Lekhika – The initiative by Tech Writer’s Tribe will have the first meet up at NCR with the women tech writers. At Bengaluru and Pune conferences, the women tech writers have shared their thoughts and this is a continuation of that effort. Learning from discussion by all women, further action items will be planned together by the all-women team.

    Session 8

    The Session: NCR TW Community: Achievements and Challenges
    The session is about sharing the current professional achievements as leaders or senior ICs working at companies in NCR. All can share their challenges also which they face either working as a leader or an IC and as a group TWT will ensure to help all.
    The Speaker: All Participants  

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