TWT Gujarat Offline Conference (Feb 17, 2024)


Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers from Ahmedabad and nearby areas to attend the first offline conference of Technical Writers.

Let us join hands again and make it a bigger success to yield better benefits for the tech writers of Ahmedabad and nearby areas.

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Keynote by Renate

Panel: Chandrark, Manisha, Anand

Customer Empathy: Rutesh, Akshay

Code to Content: Sanjeevani

Evolution of TW: Past to Future by Chirag 

Working with SMEs by Suyog

Competition Analysis by Anima

About the Conference

The Schedule

About Keynote Speaker


Dr. Renate de la Paix – University of Strasbourg (France)

Program director of the Technical Communication and Localization Master’s and Multilingual Web Communication Master’s

Renate de la Paix has worked for the University of Strasbourg since 1995. Bridging the gap between academia and industry has long been of particular interest to her. Her programs, therefore, endeavor to stay on top of current technological and conceptual trends in relevant domains and to promptly integrate them into the curriculum.

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Renate’s own degrees in Translation, Business Management as well as a PhD have significantly shaped her simultaneously academic and pragmatic approach to developing master’s programmes that lead to both a university degree and professional qualification recognized by the industry. She believes in life long learning and distance learning. Her programmes in English – both master and certificate programmes – target highly motivated individuals from all over the world.

In 2002, Renate de la Paix created the CAWEB postgraduate programme in Web Design and Localization that combines web technologies, localization training, visual communication, and project management. In 2008, an online version of this programme was created (now a Master’s programme) and since 2010, students can study this Master’s with an apprenticeship contract. About 20 students are currently studying remotely and doing their apprenticeship at the same time. Renate de la Paix is supervising and tutoring the apprenticeship of her students remotely. She is eager to share this experience and learn from other experiences.

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The Experts and their Sessions - 1

Akshay Vyas

The Presenter: Sanjeevani Agarwal
Current Role: Working with Conga

The Topic

Code to Content: The Uncharted Expedition of a Technical Writer’s Journey

About the Session

Code to Content: The Uncharted Expedition of a Technical Writer’s Journey,” a presentation that shows the transformation of a technical writer’s work life. This will present a unique exploration of key milestones, challenges, and victories encountered from the early coding days to making a profession in the tech writing domain. Key highlights of the presentation will include a narrative on my life’s experiences. By sharing experiences, lessons learned, “Code to Content” will aim to empower professionals on their own uncharted expeditions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared success in the ever-evolving landscape of technical writing.

About the Presenter

I’m Sanjeevani Agarwal, currently working in Technical Publications team at Conga as an Associate Technical Writer for the past seven months. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, I bring a solid foundation in technology to my role. 

Prior to my venture into technical writing, I honed my skills as a full-stack intern, gaining hands-on experience for six months. Beyond the realms of technology, I am an enthusiast of diverse activities. 

I love to play table tennis and swim. Lately, I am exploring the world of Latin dancing. Additionally, I love exploring cafes that boast specific cuisine; there’s something about the fusion of good food that truly captivates me.

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The Presenter: Rutesh Dave
Current Role: Team Lead L&D Knovos

The Topic

Customer Empathy – Bane or Boon?

About the Session

The topic and the pointers are the issues that we as content creators and trainers consistently face in our day-to-day operations.

Key Highlights:

Need for customer empathy in:

  • User documentation (For example, Technical flow charts, help manuals, user guides)
  • SDLC – Making content accessible (Focus on the structure & content, not the technical aspects)
  • Including learner types (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
  • Use of various formats to deliver content (Visuals, short video clips, interactive simulations, and written text)
  • Coordination with Training, Marketing, Development/ SCRUM, & other client-facing teams to drive consistent messaging

About the Presenter

I have been handling Learning & Development teams as well as have worked with Writing teams since almost a decade. Part of my job is to ensure that customer empathy is at the center of what we do as they are the ultimate end users.

I believe in striving for perfection and being curious. I am a results-oriented professional who has been involved with customer services & sales, training & content creation for various organizations for more than 10 years.

My objective is to learn, practice and evolve.

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The Presenter: Akshay Vyas
Current Role:
Creative Head (Operations)- Knovos

The Topic

Customer Empathy – Bane or Boon?

About the Speaker

Akshay’s journey with Knovos began as a Graphics Engineer back in 2011, and since then he has persuasively built the team and acquired these operations. His job area covers handling global operations concerning brand touchpoints that includes product design (UI/UX), content experience, branding, & marketing.

Currently he is heading a team of 14 members that include developers, designers, writers & marketing experts.


Immersed in the dynamic realm of the computer software industry, this seasoned artist boasts a rich history of contributing to diverse projects. With a mastery of brand creation and management, he navigates the intricate landscape of digital creativity with finesse.

Beyond the confines of the corporate world, his life takes a fascinating turn as an adventurer, photographer and wildlife enthusiast. Whether scaling mountains, traversing dense forests, or observing & capturing wildlife in its natural habitat, he seeks inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. This creative dynamo brings a holistic perspective to the design operations. His adventurous spirit and keen appreciation for wildlife inject a distinctive flair into his work, resulting in designs that resonate on a profound level.

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The Experts and their Sessions - 2

Chirag Kubavat
Anima Walvekar

The Presenter: Chirag Kubavat
Current Role: Business Analyst and Senior Technical Writer, FasTrax Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The Topic

The Evolution of Technical Writing: Past, Present, and Future. How AI (i.e., ChatGPT) helps technical writers.

About the Session

A decade ago, the scope for “Technical Writers” was rather limited. This profile was predominantly found within IT organizations, primarily in large multinational corporations.

However, over the last five years, the various software products, i.e., Desk/Web/MobileApp/PWA.

Software domains such as fintech, health, CRM, ERS, and SaaS are being grown. Consequently, users now need comprehensive guides on understanding product functionalities and updates.

The presentation takes a deep dive into the role and growth of a technical writer with the changing requirements from the eyes of the presenter.

About the Presenter

I have 7 years of experience as a Technical Writer for product documentation.

I am BE (Information Technology). I began my career as a Jr. Android Developer in 2012. Between 2014 and 2016, I dedicated time to preparing for government exams like IBPS and RBI. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t succeed, prompting me to pivot my career path to become a Manual QA in 2016. In this role, I provided solutions for setting up various modules, leading me to an opportunity as a Technical Content Writer in early 2017.

My innate curiosity about understanding how products function and guiding end-users toward product comprehension has been a driving force in my career. I’d worked on many products in different domains such as Accounting software (domestic), e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ERPs, and FinTech solutions. In these roles, I’ve crafted a range of documents including User Manuals, Set up Guides, API Documents, and even feature-focused SEO blogs. I’ve delivered these documents in both printed formats (Doc-PDF-PPTx) and online platforms (WordPress and Zoho).

I consistently enjoy guiding the internal team, particularly concerning product functionalities, especially newly developed features. Additionally, I assist junior technical writers by providing insights into the products and outlining what they should include in the documents. I maintain regular monthly and weekly tracking sheets of technical documents to establish priorities.

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The Presenter: Suyog Ketkar
Current Role: Content Designer, IBM

The Topic

How to Get Most from SMEs

About the Session

In this presentation, Suyog Ketkar covers some of the most effective techniques to establish a strong communication network with SMEs. Each of these techniques is time-tested for results.

You can expect to explore, learn, or hone your communication methods so that you can align yourselves better with your siloed teammates.

Attend this presentation-and-workshop to address this figurative elephant in the room called “communication barrier.

The presentation will be followed by a Workshop.

What to expect from the workshop?

The “How to get the most from your SMEs” presentation-and-workshop is designed to help you discover your focused communication skills.

You can expect to encounter methods of communication that can help you break the communication barrier and establish a strong network with your colleagues, both within and outside of your team.

About the Presenter

Suyog Ketkar is a certified technical writer with plenty of writing and editing experience behind him.

He is a seasoned writer who has published two books, over 65 poems, and articles both nationally and internationally.

He has previously presented at the STC Indian annual conference (2015), STC Hyderabad regional conference (2018), and Tech Writer’s Tribe Regional conference (2023), in both online and offline modes.

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The Presenters: Anima Palshikar
Current Role: Competitive Research Analyst, Technology Office, Sophos

The Topic

Competition Analysis: A Lesser Explored Combination of Technical and Marketing Communications

About the Session

This presentation is about the opportunities for a technical communicator to become a part of marketing communications.

We will discuss a lesser explored dimension of technical documents prepared by Technical Communicators, which also contribute to marketing and selling a product. For example, a Competition Analysis document.

Competition analysis documents cover comparisons with your nearest competitors in terms of features, technology, usability and benefits. These documents can serve as the necessary ammunition for marketing professionals to project and position their product strongly. Further more, such technical documents can provide up-to-date information of the market for ready reference to fuel an organization’s marketing communications strategy.

This presentation is intended to unveil the very idea of CI, its significance and scope, methods, guts required to be a good Competitive Intelligence Analyst (CIA) and the glory you achieved once you become a trustworthy CIA for your customers.

About the Presenter

My professional journey started in 2005 after I finished my MCA. However, coding was not very appealing to me since the beginning.

I was rather more interested in writing and wanted to pursue it as a full-time career ( though the ‘writing’ here is not technical writing exactly as this was a comparatively less popular or unknown career choice for software engineers).

So I started as a Subject Expert in a printing press, an Ahmedabad- based press responsible for publishing exam papers for various Indian colleges and universities.

After spending one year there, I realised that it is not going anywhere and I planned to move to other options. That time one of my friends who knew about my inclination towards writing told me about technical writer’s profile and suggested me to give it a try.

Now when I look back and think about it, I feel like I was destined to be a TW because very soon I got my first TW job in an Ahmedabad-based firm.

At present, I have more that 17 years of experience in Writing and Research with a major chunk spent in the Cyber Security industry.

As far as the hobbies are concerned there are many. However, Music and Books are more than hobbies. I have learnt Indian classical music for 5 years ( though it was long back) and currently I am doing my Visharad in Kathak from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharv Mahavidhyala Maharashtra.

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Panel Discussion

Panelist: Chandrark Sangani
Current Role: Director of Content Strategy at Accops Systems

About the Panelist

I am Chandrark Jaykant Sangani, also known as CJ. I began my career in 1996-97 as a freelance RJ with All India Radio and later joined the BBC. In 1998, I took on my first full-time Technical Writing (TW) project with NetVision, which lasted until the Dotcom crash in 2000. After that, I returned to journalism and worked with Asian Age and later Bhaskar, where I handled Reporting, Editorial, and Photojournalism. I was the Defense Correspondent before returning to TW.

In 2005, I joined Elitecore’s Cyberoam, a Next-Generation Firewall, which later became Sophos. In 2018, I switched to Telecom Domain and began working for Sterlite as a Manager of Content Strategy. In 2019, I moved to JVS Technologies in the Healthcare domain as a COO. However, I missed writing so much that I went back to it in 2021 and became the Director of Content Strategy at Accops Systems, a company focused on Cybersecurity and Virtualization.

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The Panelist: Anand Mehta
Current Role: Manager, Technical Publication, Conga

Meet the Panelist

Anand is a dynamic professional with a passion for knowledge management and information design. With a rich and diverse career spanning various domains over the span of two decades, he has emerged as a key contributor in establishing robust knowledge management systems and spearheading innovative information design initiatives.

In his current role as the Manager of Technical Publications at Conga, Anand is at the forefront of planning and leading documentation projects from inception to delivery. Anand’s journey has been marked by significant milestones, having played a pivotal role in implementing enterprise-wide applications running seamlessly across CRM platforms.

His early career showcased a knack for versatility, where he successfully executed impactful social media campaigns for Fortune 100 clients.

Prior to that, Anand demonstrated his leadership skills by managing a team of technical support professionals, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of customer service and support. 

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Panelist: Manisha Chhaya
Current Role: Quality Compliance Manager, Roambee Corporation

About the Panelist

I started my professional journey in 1992, navigated thru’ various roles and technical writing happened in the year 2002.

My journey spanned from documenting flow charts to depicting internal workflow of a product to user-centric and customer-centric documents to train internal teams on feature-level capabilities to improvise product user experience and adoption.

I switched gears and transitioned as ISO Lead Auditor in 2022 and currently part of Quality Compliance team in Roambee Corporation.

It started with building Quality Management System documents entailing process documents for various departments, conducting internal audits to improvise processes and having the drive to get certified for various regulatory and legal compliance like ISO, GAMP5, GDPR.

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