TWT Half-Day Online Conference: Trends in 2024 for Tech Writers


Do you have questions about how to win the battle of professional survival in the fast-changing world ruled by AI?

If yes, then just reading articles and knowing about concepts won’t help much. The individual contributors and the documentation team managers need to understand the trends. 

Tech Writer’s Tribe Hyderabad team invites members of technical documentation teams to learn about the trends to follow and emerge as winners in 2024.

Join us on Jan 27, 2024 for a half-day online conference where multiple highly experienced professionals help you make the right choice and also demonstrate how to accomplish your goals.

About the Half-Day Online Conference

The Schedule

When What Topic Who
10.15 AM IST
TWT Hyderabad Team
10.30 AM
Presentation 1
Leveraging ChatGPT and other generative AI possibilities
Gyanesh Talwar
11.15 AM
Presentation 2
Balancing the Core and Future in Technical Communication
Amandeep Singh Talwar
11.50 AM
Presentation 3
Unlocking the Potential of AI in Documentation
Kumar Vaibhav
12.15 PM
Panel Discussion with Leaders
Trends in 2024 for TWs and Doc Teams
Mridula Menon, RaviKumar B, Shrutika Dhake
1:15 PM
Thank you and Closure

The Experts and their Sessions - 1

Amandeep Talwar

The Presenter: Gyanesh Talwar 
Current Role: Founder, The Content Gym

The Topic

Leveraging ChatGPT and other generative AI possibilities – as an Individual and as a Team

About the Session

The session helps you learn how to create your own ChatBot using ChatGPT.

Key Highlights

What it can do for individual

  • Help in routine technical writing tasks
  • Facilitate getting up to speed
  • Enhance learning
  • Create programs and code samples
  • Automate editing

What it can do for teams:

An interface for our help where all our content becomes middleware effectively

Why Create our own ChatBot

  • 9 reasons
  • Creating a chatbot
    • options – Bedrock, VoiceFlow, ChatGPT custom
    • hacks
    • guidelines – how best to approach it

Generative AI in Technical Writing and the unsolved questions 3 unsolved questions – finding the answers to which will lead to stellar success 

About the Presenter

In his two-decade-long career, Gyanesh has led DITA- and FrameMaker-adoption efforts. Gyanesh has led the design and creation of the ACE certification exam for Adobe FrameMaker.

Gyanesh is passionate about research, making things better and simpler to understand, and helping others succeed. Gyanesh devotes his time to exploring the latest and most exciting technologies in user and developer documentation.

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The Presenter: Amandeep Singh Talwar
Current Role: Manager, Microchip Technology

The Topic

Balancing the Core and Future in Technical Communication

About the Session

Writing is a central part of our job in technical communication. We spend about 80% of our time on tasks like researching, writing, publishing, and maintaining documentation. However, it’s important to realize that 20% of our career depends on improving our skills for future growth.

Ignoring this could lead to job loss, especially with the growing role of AI in the market. Balancing our core responsibilities with skill improvement is essential for long-term success in technical communication. Instead of fearing AI’s impact on our jobs, we should see it as an opportunity for growth.

By using AI effectively, we can improve our contributions, increase our value, and protect our careers in this ever-changing field. Let’s embrace AI as a partner in our journey to improve our skills and continue to excel as technical communicators.


About the Presenter

Aman Talwar is leading a team at Microchip Technologies, Hyderabad. He has over 15 years of experience in technical communication, which includes writing and managing product and developer documentation for complex software technologies, building and leading global teams, and improving content creation and delivery processes. Before he worked at Xilinx and led a distributed team working on a variety of products and deliverables.

He is actively engaged in several change initiatives, including the transition to DITA and improving the content experience for users. He has a Master’s in Computer Application. He thinks coding is fun, and can often be found writing scripts to take care of drudge work or automate a process.

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The Presenter: Kumar Vaibhav
Current Role: Principal Technical Writer, Safe Security

The Topic

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Documentation: Integrating and deploying a documentation bot seamlessly on your portal

About the Session

Join the session to learn how the presenter has implemented the integration and deployment of a documentation bot.

About the Presenter

As a seasoned Technical Writer/Product Specialist, I bring a wealth of experience in Product Management, Digital Adoption, and comprehensive Documentation.

Proficient in a diverse set of tools and methodologies, I thrive in dynamic environments, consistently improving documentation and training efforts.

With a proven track record, I’m dedicated to establishing robust processes and implementing best practices, ensuring excellence from project initiation to ongoing maintenance.

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Panel Discussion with Leaders

Mridula Menon
Ravikumar B

Panelist: Mridula Menon
Current Role: Senior Manager, GreyOrange

About the Panelist

A rich experience in product development, content development, and BI in the SaaS domain has enabled me to explore various roles in my work life.
As a goal-oriented and customer-centric content leader and strategist, I hone my teams to champion innovative ways to manage information and bring about customer success and satisfaction.
As the Senior Manager of Information Development at GreyOrange, I head the content team that engages with SAAS applications, AI, robotics, SCM, warehouse management systems, and hardware.

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The Panelist: Ravikumar B
Tech writing professional with 23+ years of experience 

Meet the Panelist

B. Ravikumar is a seasoned professional in technical writing, e-learning, and product management. Though he started his career as a programmer, he moved to technical writing in 2001 and never looked back. In his recent employment, he handled product documentation, testing, training, and presales.

In his spare time, Ravikumar enjoys philately, photography, and long rides and drives. He enjoys creating both short-form and long-form contents and posting those on his social media profiles. He has won awards and certificates at society, state, and national levels for his stamp exhibits.

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Panelist: Shrutika Dhake
Current Role: Technical Documentation Manager, Quest Software 

About the Panelist

For the past 14 years, Shrutika has been making lives easy one piece of content at a time. She specializes in documenting products from scratch, revamping existing documentation sets, and UX writing.

She enjoys challenges and at her current organization, took it upon herself to migrate the entire documentation set consisting of 4 products to MadCap Flare from scratch.

With MadCap Flare, she specializes in setting up doc environments, designing sites, creating styles and templates, and creating content.

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