TWT Kerala Offline Conference (April 1, 2023)

1st Conference of Technical Writers in Kerala

The Kerala Technical Writers’ Conference has limited number of seats. Participants from multiple companies are expected to have a great time together to learn, interact and network.
Avail the Early Bird for individual or group of 3.

The Process
  • Fill the registration form with payment details
  • View Acknowledgement after successful submission
  • Join TWT Kerala WhatsApp group for other communication
  • Receive an invite by March 28 or later if you register after that
  • To contact for any question, call +91 7337332587 or write to
  • Reach the venue on April 1 by 9.30 AM

  • Registration is closed Thank you for the overwhelming response.
    Tech Writer’s Tribe started its journey to strengthen the technical writers’ community on March 28, 2020 with webinars and online knowledge-sharing sessions. The journey continues……….

    The Online Impact

    • 154+ consecutive weekends of events
    • 105+ presenters from India and abroad
    • 14,000+ technical writers, API Documentation writers, and UX Writers as participants
    • 100+ volunteers to contribute for the cause of community building
    • TWT teams in multiple cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata) and regions (such as NCR, Kerala and Gujarat)

    The Road Ahead: In-Person Conferences

    With the world opening up after the COVID era, TWT is hosting in-person city-based conferences for Tech Writers. After 6 conferences in 2022 at Hyderabad (Aug 20), Bengaluru (Aug 27), Pune (Sept 17), NCR (Nov 12), Chennai (Dec 3), Bengaluru (Dec 10), and three conference in 2023 at Pune (March 4), Bengaluru (March 18), NCR (March 25), TWT is set to host the 1st offline conference at Kerala on April 1, 2023.

    The Conference

    Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) NCR Team invites all technical writers to join the first in-person conference in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
    • The Venue: Hotel Highland, Thiruvananthapuram.
    • Location: 250 meters away from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station and Thampanoor KSRTC Bus Station
    • The Date: April 1, 2023
    • The Time: 9.30 AM – 5.00 PM IST

    The Expectation

    The conference provides a platform for interaction, networking, and learning for technical writers from all levels, with segments tailored to suit: 
    • Technical Writers
      •  Technical writers who want to join or grow in the IT industry but are struggling and need guidance from the experts.
      • Technical writers who want to leverage the power of community bonding.
    • Leaders 
      • Mid-level or senior managers who want to achieve more with their team members and want to identify gaps.
    • Passionate about trends
      • Learn new trends that can help them as a technical writer.
      • Understand how technical writing has evolved over the years.
    • Employers
      • Understand how to use Technical Documentation as a third pillar of building a product.
      • Understand the process of documentation. 
      • Hire skilled technical writers.

    Session 1

    The Session: Importance of Product Specification Document
    “Multiple products across streams addressing clients need in Healthcare. What is crucial and what does not construe a PDS Toc? With the experience gathered in the last 3 years out working at IQVIA, Tharoor will share the knowledge about product specification document.
    The Speaker: Gopalkrishna Tharoor
    Current Role: Working with IQVIA
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his words..
    I am a seasoned technical writer, editor, presenter at multiple forums such as STC and TWT. I would like to share my learning and expand the cause of our tech writing profession in Kerala.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 2

    The Session: From Print to Pixel: Evolution of Product Documentation Across Generations
    User adoption varies from generation to generation.
    Technology exposure and experience, cognitive abilities, and attitude towards change contribute to one’s willingness to adopt new systems, technologies, or even ways of doing things.
    Understanding differences helps design documentation that accommodates all generations, bridges the gap and makes technology more approachable.

    The Speaker: Sandhya Meenakshy Nair
    Current Role: General Manager and Head, IBS Software
    In her own words
    I lead the Enabling Transformation practice for the Consulting and Digital Transformation Strategic Business Unit. We provide business change management services to our customers. We work with the user community in our customers’ organizations to ensure they are excited about the change and become competent in using IBS products to manage their business.
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    Session 3

    Session Topic: Documentation with ClickHelp
    ClickHelp is a powerful CMS with a WYSWYG editor. It gives us a a great UI to build, design and brand our own doc portal.
    It is the perfect tool for small to medium sized organizations with small doc teams. It simplifies the publication process and saves time for the writers and doc managers.

    The Speaker: Mridula Menon
    Current Role: Senior Manager of Technical Content at GreyOrange
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
    As the Senior Manager of Technical Content at GreyOrange, l help my team explore new patha towards greater destinations in the world of Tech Comms. I started my career as a C++ / FoxPro developer in the year 1999. During these 24 years in IT l have explored various areas which include and are not limited to Product Development, Product Support, Customer Support, Knowledge Management, Business Analysis, Content Head and so on.
    I still see myself as a student who is on this neverending journey of learning. Being a learner keeps us humble as we know that we do not know it all and there are so many things to learn out there. I am currently exploring the world of frontend development.
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    Session 4 

    The Session: Inspiring product usage
    “The best documents are the ones that never needed to be written. Paradoxical right? But it’s true!
    Ask any good writer what is the intent behind any content that they create. And if they are any good, they will all tell you the same answer. It doesn’t matter what product or service is being documented.
    It’s what gives you a kick. It’s what makes you a writer.
    If your curiosity is piqued enough, you may already have the answer 🙂 Come and validate it, at my session -INSPIRING PRODUCT USAGE.
    P.S. If the whole thing above doesn’t resonate, or worse, is confusing, let me break it down for you some more. I will show you how we got our customers to use our product without reading documentation. 😇
    The Speaker: Nibu Thomas
    Current Role: Director, Information Development, Whatfix.
    In his own words
    I could claim to be the most followed tech writer in India (that I know about) and technically not be wrong. With over 40,000 followers and an SSI score in the top 1 percent, my posts on LinkedIn receive an average 2 million views every month.
    But it’s not any of this that I consider an achievement.
    From very humble beginnings, working in a factory, working machines, pushing trolleys between assembly lines, and then later working grave yard shifts only to get cursed at all night in a call center, it was a belief that I could do more that made me take a few risks in life. I don’t know of anyone else who has moved from a factory into a career in IT without an engineering degree.
    And when I look back, there are just two things that have helped me keep my WIT. His Grace. And an attitude to do – whatever it takes.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 5: Panel Discussion

    Topic: Technical Writing – Opportunities and Challenges
    Panelist: Aiswarya Sudhakar
    Current Role: Principal Knowledge Management Specialist, Pegasystems.
    About the panelist
    Aiswarya is forever thankful to Next Education, not just for the campus placement, but for opening the door of opportunities of technical writing for her. She was offered the role of technical writer though she was initially hired as a content editor. Since then, she has been working extensively in product and troubleshooting documentations, video tutorials, curation of resources, facilitation of workshops, UX writing, reporting, etc. Currently this Hyderabad Central University alumna’s focus is on learning data visualization tools.
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    Panelist: Gopu Shankar
    Current Role: Assistant Team Lead, MariApps Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd.
    About the panelist
    Gopu stepped into technical writing almost 12 years ago after completing his Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. He worked as a technical writer in the aviation industry for 7.5 years before moving to the software industry. Apart from writing, he now leads a team of writers in his current organization.
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    Panelist: Sreekesh S V
    Current Role: Associate Director, EY GDS.
    About the panelist
    An accomplished leader and manager, Sreekesh began his career as a freelancer and has since risen through the ranks to become an associate director at EY GDS. In his current role, he leads the company’s offshore Content Services Center of Excellence, managing a team of diverse and talented professionals from five different countries. Sreekesh has over 16 years of experience in a variety of roles and is passionate about leadership, content, strategy and mentoring.
    A passionate reader, he can often be found engrossed in management, writing, and other non-fiction books. Sreekesh is also a film enthusiast and enjoys watching award-winning movies in his spare time.
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    The Organising Committee
    Any event involves a lot of hard work. TWT is glad to have city volunteers who give their best efforts to make an event successful and care to think about all facilities of the participants and speakers.
    For this conference, TWT Kerala team has two volunteers who have worked hard for a long time to make this big moment happen for all tech writers of the state. For any questions, feel free to connect with them.
    The Team: Rahul Hari and Julie Erinjery.

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