TWT Pune Offline Conference (March 4, 2023)

Conference of Technical Writers in Pune

Mandatory for Entering the Venue which is in an IT Park
  • Your Government ID proof
  • Mask to follow COVID protocol
    The Process
  • Fill the registration form with payment details
  • View Acknowledgement on the same screen after successful submission
  • Join TWT Maharashtra WhatsApp group for other communication
  • Receive an invite by March 1 or later if you register after that
  • Reach the venue on March 4 by 9.30 AM
  • To contact for any question, call +91 7337332587 or write to

  •   REGISTRATION IS CLOSED Thank you for the overwhelming response. We had to close the registration as we reached capacity before the last date. See you during the conference on March 4th.
    Tech Writer’s Tribe started its journey to strengthen the technical writers’ community on March 28, 2020 with webinars and online knowledge-sharing sessions. The journey continues……….

    The Online Impact

    • 150+ consecutive weekends of events
    • 90+ presenters from India and abroad
    • 13,000+ technical writers, API Documentation writers, and UX Writers as participants
    • 100+ volunteers to contribute for the cause of community building
    • TWT teams in multiple cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata) and regions (such as NCR, Kerala and Gujarat)

    The Road Ahead: In-Person Conferences

    After conducting multiple offline conferences in 2022, TWT brings to you a series of in-person conferences in multiple cities of India starting with Pune in 2023.

    The Conference

    Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) invites all technical writers to join the second in-person conference in Pune.
    • The Venue: Rocket Software Third Floor, Tower D, Panchshil TechPark One, Yerawada, Pune 411006.
    • The Date: 4th March 2023
    • The Time: 9.30 AM – 2.30 PM IST

    The Expectation

    The conference provides a platform for interaction, networking, and learning for technical writers from all levels, with segments tailored to suit: 
    • Technical Writers
      •  Technical writers who want to join or grow in the IT industry but are struggling and need guidance from the experts.
      • Technical writers who want to leverage the power of community bonding.
    • Leaders 
      • Mid-level or senior managers who want to achieve more with their team members and want to identify gaps.
    • Passionate about trends
      • Learn new trends that can help them as a technical writer.
      • Understand how technical writing has evolved over the years.
    • Employers
      • Understand how to use Technical Documentation as a third pillar of building a product.
      • Understand the process of documentation. 
      • Hire skilled technical writers.

    Session 1

    The Session: Becoming a REST API specialist technical writer  
    In the era of the cloud, most companies require you to have skills for documenting REST APIs. By picking up these skills, you can improve your salary, productivity, and employ-ability. In fact, these skills are becoming essential to our survival in the technical writing field.
    But how should one proceed to acquiring these skills? What is the learning path. How easy or difficult it is? Does one need to have programming skills to start documenting REST APIs? What are the tools and technologies involved?

    The Speaker: Gyanesh Talwar
    Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Cleverbridge (Cologne) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About him
    In his two-decade-long career, Gyanesh has led DITA- and FrameMaker-adoption efforts. Gyanesh has led the design and creation of the ACE certification exam for Adobe FrameMaker. Gyanesh is passionate about research, making things better and simpler to understand, and helping others succeed. Gyanesh devotes his time to exploring the latest and most exciting technologies in user and developer documentation.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 2

    The Session: SME, technical writer and documentation 
    Audience will learn the best practices to collaborate with the SMEs. The goal of this presentation is to get the most from the developers efficiently.
    This session will cover how to collaborate with the subject matter experts (SMEs), how to interview SMEs, leveraging SME stories to build relevant documentation, moving from content-centric to learner-centric design, asking the right questions to SMEs, and recording/taking notes while interviewing SMEs.

    The Speaker: Servesha Sunil Dudhgaonkar
    Current Role: Technical Writer, Red Hat (India) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
    I am a technical writer at Red Hat. I have a background experience in administration and development. I write for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. I am interested in Linux, Kubernetes, Ceph, and OpenShift. When I am not working, you will find me painting or reading poems.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Session 3

    The Session: Finding foothold in the era of AI
    During the session, Kedar Kulkarni will discuss the challenges and opportunities writers have. He’ll talk about the advent of AI and its impact on writers. Gaurav Srivastava will talk about “Embracing technology” and discuss which complexities human brain should focus on.
    The Speakers: Kedar Kulkarni and Gaurav Srivastava
    Kedar Kulkarni: Information Developer at Rocket Software (14+ years of experience
    Follow me on LinkedIn
    Gaurav Srivastava: Associate Manager, Rocket Software (20+ years of experience
    Follow me on LinkedIn

    Session 4 

    The Session: Improving UX of Tech Docs
    The importance of User Experience (UX) in technical writing refers to the way in which technical documentation is designed and presented to users. A good user experience is one in which the documentation is easy to understand, navigate, and use. This can have a significant impact on the success of a product or service, as users who have a positive experience with the documentation are more likely to use and recommend it.
    The Speaker: Manasi Bhalerao
    Information Developer, Precisely _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
    I have completed my Masters in Microbiology from Pune University. I have a successful history of working in the field of pathology for 8 years. I always wanted to work in the IT industry and found Technical Writing as the most suitable career. In two and a half years, I developed interest in technology and learned new tools. The overall experience has helped me in various ways like, multi-tasking, team building, creative and innovative thinking, and last but not the least, continuous learning.
    Follow me on LinkedIn _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    The Hosts: Rocket Software
    TWT is thankful to Rocket Software for hosting the Offline conference to help the tech writing community. We would like to thank Mugdha Bapat and team from Rocket Software for helping to organise the first learning event of 2023 for tech writers.
    Tech Writer’s Tribe Pune Volunteer Team
    TWT Volunteer team at Pune has been at the forefront from more than a year making multiple successful efforts to help the tech writing community by organising multiple online events and the first Offline event (Sept 17, 2022) for tech writers after COVID era at Pune.
    The Team:

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