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TWT Academy for UX Writing

The UX Writing Academy is here to help those who want to start their career as UX writers. Whether you are a technical writer looking to add an extra feather to your professional cap to become well-versed with UX and UI concepts or you are someone who wants to explore the professional world of UX writing, the course holds your finger, guides you in taking the baby step and directs how to grow up as a professional within 42 days of training.

Multiple Courses

TWT UX Writing Academy offers two types of courses.
    1. UX Writing Certificate Course of 7 Weeks: Rigorous training covering every aspect of UX writing. 
    2. Customised Individual courses: As separate individual courses. (Registration to open later)

If you do not have spare time for 7-weekend long full course, join the weekend-special Instructor-led courses. 

Who Can Join the Course!

  • The course is open to UX enthusiasts across the globe.
  • Anyone with a passion to create a great experience for end users.
  • From any field or prior experience, with empathy-directed writing skills.
  • All who want to start a career in the UX field

What does the course Cover!

Take Away from Course

The complete course covers the key global requirements for a UX writer. To name a few, 

    1. Wordsmith: Importance of picking the right word.
    2. Tools: The key tools required for this unique trade.
    3. Design Thinking: How to think about a problem and how to propose a solution.
    4. Product expertise: For example, writing for Software user interfaces, web Apps, and Chatbots.
    5. Microcopy: How to use it effectively.
    6. User Advocacy: Understanding the user and advocating within the team with solutions.

By the end of the course,

  • You will have your basic UX concepts clear with an allocated mentor to guide you.
  • You’ll have built your first UX Writing samples to include in your UX writing portfolio.
  • Earn UX Writing Certificate from the popular and registered Training Institute, Tech Writer’s Tribe. 1000+ tech writers have already got certified in a short span of 2+ years.

About the Course

Course Structure

  1. Instructor-led Sessions + 1:1 Interaction
  2. 7 weekends, 35 hours for 14 online sessions
  3. 7 weekends, 49 days for unlimited offline interactions
  4. Learn directly from the instructor in 14 sessions through examples. 
  5. Practice offline at your convenient time, and interact 1:1 or in groups. 

Requirements for the course!

  1. Desktop or Laptop (not mobile) with an Internet connection
  2. Good command of written English
  3. Attention to following instructions during the sessions
  4. Self-motivation to spend ample time on learning
  5. Basic familiarity with UX Writing (View  TWT Video for reference)


Duration: June 10-July 23, 2023
Dates of Sessions: June 10-11, 17-18, 24-25, July 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23
Time: 3.00-5.30 PM IST

Course Fee

  • Participants in India
          – Individual Fee: INR 38,000
         – Early Bird: INR 35,000 each
  • Participants outside India
         – Individual Fee: USD 600
         – Early Bird Offer: USD 525
  • Discount applicable ONLY on full Individual fee
         – TWT Volunteers:  10%
         – TWT Annual Members: Zulu (15%), Pygmies (10%), Masai (None)

Course Curriculum

Week 1: June 10-11

Module 1: Introduction to UX Writing

  • What is UX writing?
  • UX writing vs. copywriting
  • Key skills and competencies
  • Why is UX writing important?
  • The role of UX writing in the design process
  • Examples of good and bad UX writing

Module 2: User-centered Design and content strategy

  • User-centered design principles
  • Understanding user needs and goals
  • Design thinking
  • User scenarios and personas
  • User journey mapping
  • User research

Week 2: June 17-18

Module 3: Voice and tone

  • Importance of voice and tone
  • How to define brand voice and tone
  • Content strategy principles
  • Techniques for creating consistent and on-brand UX copy
  • Examples of effective brand voice and tone in UX writing
  • Content guidelines and style guide

Module 4: Writing clear and concise copy

  • Writing clear and concise copy for UI components
  • Content design system
  • Techniques for simplifying complex concepts
  • Using plain language and avoiding jargon
  • Best practices for writing for different contexts and platforms
  • Examples of clear and concise UX writing

Week 3: June 24-25

Module 5: Writing for the web

  • User behaviour on the web
  • Writing for different devices and screen sizes
  • Organizing content for easy navigation
  • Importance of information architecture
  • Heuristics principles
  • Microcopy

Module 6: Accessibility and inclusive writing

  • What is accessibility
  • Difference between accessibility, inclusion and usability
  • Role of UX writers in writing accessible content
  • Screen readers and Alt txt
  • Writing inclusively
  • Best practices for accessible writing
  • How to conduct accessibility audits

Week 4: July 1-2

Module 7: Content testing and iteration

  • Content testing tools and techniques
  • Importance of peer review and feedback
  • Using analytics to measure the effectiveness of written content
  • Conducting usability testing on written content
  • Gathering feedback from users and stakeholders
  • Incorporating feedback into the design process
  • A/B testing and iterative design

Module 8: Cross-functional teams collaboration

  • Collaborating with designers, product managers, and developers
  • Working effectively with designers 
  • Techniques for communicating your ideas and feedback
  • Defining scope and communicating feasibility
  • Integrating UX writing into the design process
  • Providing feedback on design and content

Week 5: July 8-9

Module 9: UX writing tools

  • Figma for writers
  • Mural, Miro, etc.

Module 10: Applying UX writing principles to real-world projects

Weaving together the big picture and applying the concepts learnt in the previous weeks into a fictitious project

Week 6: July 15-16

Module 11: Final project – Writing UX copy for a digital product

Working on a capstone project

Module 12: Portfolio building

  • Best practices for building a portfolio
  • Applying mind mapping and design thinking to develop your portfolio

Week 7: July 22-23

Portfolio consultation

Feedback Session


Minimum 75% is required to earn the Successful Completion Certificate

How to Register

Option 1 (India): Use UPI Payment

Benefit: No extra charge or processing fee


Option 2 (India):  Debit / Credit Card

Warning! Payment Gateway charges apply


Option 3 (Outside India): Use Paypal

Warning! Paypal charges apply


Meet the Instructor: Sheena Lakshmi

Sheena Lakshmi comes with an industry experience of over 20 years, having worked for multi-national software and hardware industries. She started her career as a journalist. She then landed a job as a technical writer and worked in various roles such as technical editing, content strategy, curriculum development and so on.

When UI design and user experience design became the center of product success, UX writing emerged as a popular discipline over the past 5-6 years. Sheena is also a design thinking coach and adept at design principles. 

She moved to UX writing 5 years ago, leading a team of writers at SAP Labs India. She now works as a senior content designer at Intuit. Sheena is also a published poet. She is also a systems designer, and has an advanced certification in permaculture design, where she designs sustainable food forests and dwellings.

Connect with Sheena Lakshmi on LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

TWT has completed one year in serving the Tech Writing industry. Starting with free webinars, TWT introduced certificate courses from October, 2020. In a short span of 6 months, TWT has already trained 700+ students coming from different countries of the globe. TWTs courses are famous for the human touch where we focus more on individual strength and improvement areas to help you get unskilled enough to start related job with confidence immediately.

TWT has completed one year in serving the Tech Writing industry. Starting with free webinars, TWT introduced certificate courses from October, 2020. In a short span of 6 months, TWT has already trained 700+ students coming from different countries of the globe. TWTs courses are famous for the human touch where we focus more on individual strength and improvement areas to help you get unskilled enough to start related job with confidence immediately.

      1. TWT is known for providing courses that help directly in getting a job and implementing the skills immediately at work. TWT UX Academy follows the same motto. Our unique instructor-led course makes sure you are skilled enough to work at global level. 
      2. The course focusses on development of every individual, not only during the online sessions but also offline during the 42-days of whole course duration. Practicals and projects in-class, exercises outside class in groups are just some examples.
      3. A dedicated STUDY group is formed where apart from group discussions and learning, 1:1 interaction is ensured by TWT.
      4. The end of course is not the end of support from TWT. We stay connected to provide any on-job assistance also even after the course.

TWT offers multiple courses and students across the globe get benefitted. TWT UX Academy is also open for students across the globe.

TWT YouTube channel has multiple videos. Please refer to the links.

TWT prefers to keep the course fee as less as possible. Like our other courses, even for UX writing full course the fee is nominal when compared to global rates. Please visit the course pages to view customized fees for full course as well as Module-based individual courses too. The page provides details about applicable discounts too.

Yes. During the full course you work on multiple projects. By the end of course, you are ready with your own portfolio under 1:1 supervision of instructor. 

Yes, apart from making you skilled enough and helping you prepare an outstanding portfolio to land a good UX writing job on your own, we offer additional help too. We help you get connected to companies and then help you with customised interview tips. On top of that we provide 1:1 supervision to all who attend full course.

TWT offers support by email, social media (WhatsApp/Telegram/FB/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram) and direct calls too. Feel free to write to our support email ID, connect through social media or else call us directly at +91 7337332587.

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