TWT Documentation Website Fair

Tech Writer’s Tribe is starting the new year (2023) with a unique event, first-of-its-kind effort in the global technical documentation industry. 

Multiple presenters from multiple companies and locations join hands to share the team efforts in creating a documentation website.


  • Date: Jan 7 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10.30 AM-12.30 PM IST
  • Presenters: Multiple

About the Session


A unique fair for technical writers and others who want to understand how a technical documentation website is created and maintained.

This session can benefit all who:

  • Plan to create a documentation website
  • Want to learn how others have created a doc website
  • Like to explore different methods required for a doc website
  • Need to know the role of doc tools in a website
  • Have general questions about the doc websites 


Technical Documentation websites can be internal or external. It can be public or private. It can serve just the product documentation for guides and topics or can also have Developer documentation.

Join to learn how Doc team members in 5 different companies have created their internal/external/product/api doc websites.

Meet the Presenters

Presenter 1: Shanti Narayanan

Current Role: Associate Vice President, Knowledge, Temenos India Pvt Ltd (Chennai)

About the session, fondly called as “Docs” in our community, is a centralised product documentation repository for all Temenos product documentation. The website hosted on cloud too, is a massive 25-year old documentation repository, cleaned and converted to a website form, aesthetically designed keeping mind the product-principles and client journey, combined with digitally driven technical insights. The website was the beginning of technical documentation using Technical, Technological and documentation principles.

About the Presenter
I am a thought leader with 14 years of experience in managing technical writing and documentation teams across various industries. I manage and implement strategic initiatives in documentation using cutting-edge technologies, enhancing experience for product users through technology innovation and process efficiency.
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Presenter 2: Manisha Singatkar

Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Quick Heal Technologies, Pune

About the session

The SEQRITE documentation portal is a library of digital documents for the SEQRITE products. You can read the product documents in English and other languages also. Manuals of 11 different SEQRITE products are available on the portal. You can select any product and the online help appears. In the left pane, you can see the content and in the right pane, the corresponding page appears. You can leave a comment on the page, if required.

About the Presenter

A versatile technical writer with 13+ years of experience in Technical Documentation.
Developing and posting technical documentation for enterprise-level software products such as SEQRITE Security Enterprise Suite and HAWKK Security Cloud Suite.

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Presenter 3: Suhail Mahmood Khan

Current Role: Manager, User Assistance, Hexagon Capability Centre India (Hyderabad)

About the session

Website for product and API documentation. The process involves Author-it for documentation and Fluid Topics for publishing and hosting content.

About the Presenter

With 15+ years of experience, at present working with Hexagon Capability Centre India (formerly Intergraph) since December 2012.
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Presenter 4: Anuradha Chandrasekaran

Current Role: Lead Technical Writer, ADP India Pvt Ltd (Chennai)

About the session

Lifion Developer Portal – One stop for everything you need to learn about the Lifion Platform.

About the Presenter

I am a lead Technical Writer with 15 + years of experience. I have hands on experience in software product documentation, functionality videos, technical documents, agile methodologies, and project management.
I love listening to melodious music, and gardening is my all time favourite.

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Presenter 5: Gaurav Trivedi

Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Red Hat (NCR)

About the session

Sharing details about OpenShift and EAP Product Documentation.

About the Presenter

I’m an avid writer who loves to read, converse, and connect. Currently working at Red Hat, I’m loving my career in this interesting and versatile profile. I’ve always been a person who thrives to learn, gain experience, and sincere at whatever I do. I’ve been using Antora for over five years. I’m currently using it daily to document many of projects at Red Hat, my current organization.
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