Career Conversations: Interview with Nidhi Bhandari

TWT Mumbai Team invites you to learn and discuss career progression of technical writers. Join us to hear about Nidhi Bhandari’s journey of transition from Technical Writing to Project Management.

Topic: Career progression of Technical Writers – Interviewing Nidhi Bhandari

  • Date: April 8, 2023
  • Time: 10.45 AM-12.15 PM IST

About the Session


Career Progress: Learning from others through an interview

This session can benefit all who are:

  • Interested in career progress
  • Technical Writer wishing to know future career path
After working as a technical writer for some years, you may have the thought about, what’s next!
There are multiple career options available. But do you want to know:
  • Which one suits a technical writer?
  • How to opt for one?
  • What kind of preparation does it required?
  • When is the right time to think about it?
  • Who can guide?
  • Will experience of technical writer come handy? 

Meet the Guest

Nidhi Bhandari

15+ years of experience. 
Started out as a content writer and moved to technical software documentation in 2010.

Current Role: Project Manager (responsible for delivery of software and after delivery customer success experience), Kyvos Insights

Location: Noida, NCR


In her words..
I am a mechanical engineer by education. Before getting into writing, I worked in core engineering jobs and also in patent drafting. While I’ve hopped around different roles as a technical writer, but managing the bigger picture has been my true calling.

Today, I’m managing an extensive portfolio of software projects, finally realizing my true potential. For me, communication is the key to solving any problem, and I incorporate it into both my personal and professional life.

Adding new skills (even those not related to my role) is my way to grow professionally and personally. Whether it is a leadership tactic, better methods for communication, or calligraphy, I enjoy picking them all. AWS Console is my newfound love, and I love playing around with CFT templates.

My goals for 2023 include Certified ScrumMaster and ITIL® certifications, along with mastering my vocabulary from the Toastmasters sessions.

Past companies: Abstracting associate, Innodata Isogen, Nucleus Software Exports Limited, ESQ Business Services, Inc.

Roles in her career: Project Manager, Documentation Manager, Technical Writer, Content Writer, Indexer

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About TWT Mumbai Team

TWT Mumbai Team has organised multiple innovative online events in the past. The latest innovative event from them is this Interview series. 

Interview Series conducted so far:

  1. February 18, 2023: First event  
  2. March 11, 2023: Second Event


Team Members: Shrutika Kalgutkar, Saurabh Toraskar, Mugdha Morale

You can get in touch with the team members for any questions or if you want to contribute.

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