TWT Half-Day ONLINE Conference (March 25, 2023)

Half-day Conference of Technical Writers by NCR

Register for the ONLINE half-day conference that has multiple sessions. The sessions will be recorded and shared with those who register.
Who can join?
All TWs from any location.

Session 1

The Session: The future of technical writing: AI and machine-learning
It will focus on how AI and machine learning are impacting the field of technical writing. Here are the key highlights about the session:
  • The potential benefits and challenges of incorporating these technologies in the creation, editing and publishing of technical content.
  • How AI and machine learning can improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, but also importance of human oversight and creativity to ensure the quality of the content.
  • List of various AI tools and use cases for technical writers.

The Speaker: Ruby goyal
Current Role: Assistant Marketing Manager, Espire Infolabs
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
With more than 5 years of experience as a technical writer and content marketer who knows her way around technology and marketing strategies. I have worked with Embee Software, ServerGuy, Collegedunia,, Cityshor, Travelista, Dzone, Hackernoon, SAP, and many other brands. I have experience in working with both Indian and Internation clients.
I help brands build strong and effective content that generates value for both their audience as well as their organization.
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Session 2

Tech Talks: Object Oriented Design for TW
Learning about object oriented design would give both technical and non-technical audience a new way of thinking and synthesizing information.
Key Highlights
  • Learn about object oriented design and it’s basic concepts like classes, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • All modern programming languages like C++, Java, Python and JavaScript support object oriented programming.
  • From building standalone desktop applications to internet scale distributed applications, object oriented programming is used everywhere.
  • DITA-XML which is used by technical writers is built on object oriented design principals.

The Speaker: Deeptendu Ahuja
Current Role: Lead Engineer, Ciena
In his own words
Working as a software developer in networking domain primarily on C/C++ over Linux platforms. Amateur writer, emcee and singer.
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Session 3

Session Topic: Write it right! – Editing in technical writing
Editing is the most important for any type of writing. However, it is one of those steps which is generally ignored or taken lightly, especially under pressure conditions such as delivery timelines.
In this session, we will cover the following points:
  • Importance of editing
  • Stages of editing with examples
  • Editing others’ work
  • Tools that can help in editing

The Speaker: Jyoti Sethi Khullar
Current Role: Technical Content Writer, Editor and Trainer
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In her own words
I am a bilingual content writer, editor, and trainer, freelancing for last four years. However, I have been handling technical content for almost 16+ years now. Before freelancing, I worked full-time in the IT domain as a translator, documentation expert, editor, lead, and writer throughout these years.
I have been editing and reviewing writings for my team (as a team lead), and now clients (as a freelancer) for the last seven years.
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Session 4 

The Session: Using ID Principles to design Tech Writing Content
As tech writers, we are often lost in Q&A with SMEs, gathering content, adding examples and sample code, arranging content, adhering to style guide – so much so that we forget the user. If we pause at the beginning to answer questions such as who is the intended audience, what is their entry level, what topics/ tasks would they need to do after reading the doc – our guides will become user centric. They will be of value to the end user. ID principles can help direct the content creation process and help us create user-focused guides.
I’d like to pick up one such principle that has helped me.
The Speaker: Deepti Sawhney
Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Synopsys.
In her own words
I started my career as an Instructional Designer, switched companies and got introduced to Tech Writing, and stayed with it because I liked it.
A career spanning 20 years covers companies like NIIT, TCS, Cadence, Sapient, & Synopsys. Work covered from making e-learning courses, PPT driven instructor-led courses, delivering presentations on softskills and MS Office products, creating user guides, quick reference cards for software to hardware products.
When not working I play as a referee for my two young kids (14 and 10), practice public speaking at Toastmasters, and make chocolates.

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Session 5 

AI and Technical Writing: Impact, Problems and Solutions
Say goodbye to long hours of writing, research, and analysis, and say hello to your new AI overlords, who will do it all for you in a fraction of the time. Just sit back, relax, and let the robots take over. What could possibly go wrong? Right?
Let Gaurav help you learn about the impact of AI on technical writing! Discover from his insights how AI is transforming the field of technical writing, and let him show you how to leverage these cutting-edge tools to future-proof your career.
The Speaker: Gaurav Trivedi
Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Red Hat
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In his own words
I’m an avid writer who loves to read, converse, and connect. Currently working at Red Hat, I’m loving my career in this interesting and versatile profile. I’ve always been a person who thrives to learn, gain experience, and sincere at whatever I do. I’ve been using Antora for over five years. I’m currently using it daily to document many of projects at Red Hat, my current organization.
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The Organising Committee
Any event involves a lot of hard work. TWT is glad to have city volunteers who give their best efforts to make an event successful and care to think about all facilities of the participants and speakers.
For this conference, five volunteers of TWT NCR team have worked hard to make this half-day conference happen for all tech writers. For any questions, feel free to connect with them.
The Team: Anshita Dhawan, Honey Jain, Kumar Vaibhav, Gaurav Trivedi, Priyanka Aggarwal

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