TWT Discussion: ChatGPT and Tech Writers

How does ChatGPT serve the Technical Documentation field!. What could be the possible impact on Technical Writers? How are technical writers finding it so far?

TWT is organising an event on ChatGPT where:

  • Multiple presenters from different locations would share their experiences of using chatGPT on different aspects of technical writing.  
  • Participants can discuss questions and observations too separately as part of a separate discussion after the presentations.


  • Date: Jan 28 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10.30 AM-12.30 PM IST
  • Presenters: Multiple

About the Session


A unique event where tech writers who have already used chatGPT would share their observations with a demo and all participants can also share their observations.

This session can benefit all who:

  • Are curious about usage of chatGPT
  • Got a scare about future 
  • Have seen a lot of forwards and articles but never used
  • Want to use chatGPT as a tool for professional growth


Meet the Presenters

Presenter 1: Ruby Goyal

Current Role: Assistant Manager Marketing (Senior Technical Writer), Espire Infolabs (NCR)

Topic: Is ChatGPT a boon or bane for technical writers (With Live Demo)

Highlights of the session!

  1. Introduction to ChatGPT- What is ChatGPT and its features,
  2. Tasks ChatGPT can help Technical Writers with.
  3. Drawbacks and Limitations of ChatGPT.
  4. Will ChatGPT replace Technical Writers? 

About the Presenter
With more than 5 years of experience as a technical writer and content marketer who knows her way around technology and marketing strategies. I have worked with Espire Infolabs, Embee Software, Geekflare, ServerGuy, Collegedunia,, Dzone, Hackernoon, SAP, and many other organizations. I help brands build strong and effective content that generates value for both their audience as well as their organization.
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Presenter 2: Anindita Basu

Current Role: Senior Information Architect, Rocket Software (Bhubaneswar)

Topic: Hey Siri, hey Alexa, hey Google

Highlights of the session

  1. Using ChatGPT to try generating docs with fairly technical content, and especially content that needs a great amount of googling.
  2. Sharing experience with this experiment.

About the Presenter

I am a technical writer, and I like trying out stuff.
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Presenter 3: Ravi Teja Yerramilli

Current Role: Technical Writer, Wipro, Hyderabad

Topic: Chat GPT – A friendly ‘How To’ for technical writers

Highlights of the session

  1. Refined search for information.
  2. Ground work for a subject matter before going to an SME.
  3. Search for templates and style guides for Process documents.

About the Presenter

A content writer by passion and technical writer by profession. Looking to thrive in the field of technical documentation

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Presenter 4: Thripti Aravind

Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Teradata (Hyderabad)

Topic: Using ChatGPT for Developer Documentation

Highlights of the session

  1. Leverage the AI tool to your advantage
  2. Observations about developing a Developer-How To Guide
  3. Use case of working with code language.
  4. Learning about code snippets. 

About the Presenter

Thripti Aravind is a UX designer turned Technical Writer with 13+ years of experience in the Tech Writing field.
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Presenter 5: Punit Shrivastava

Current Role: Director, Tech Writer’s Tribe LLP

Topic: A good guide for urgent needs 

Highlights of the session

  1. The new tool for professional growth
  2. Result= Skill of technical communication
  3. A friend for quick and urgent help
  4. Reducing data pollution.
  5. A good guide when common sense is used

About the Presenter

A technical writer who believes in the power of community and learning all the time.
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  • Hridya G Krishnan
    Posted at 09:39h, 29 January Reply


    Is there a recording available for the ChatGPT and Tech Writers session? Thanks!

    • K_admin
      Posted at 12:44h, 12 April Reply

      Yes, shared with those who registered.

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