TWT Workshop: Conversational Writing for Tech Writers

TWT Chennai Team invites you to attend Workshop on February 4, 2023 (Saturday).

Topic: Conversational Style in Technical Writing

  • Date: February 4, 2023
  • Time: 10.30 AM-12.30 PM IST
  • Presenter: Deepa Siddharthan

About the Session


The Workshop: Using Conversational Style – A New Approach to Documentation

This session can benefit all who are:

  • Interested in using conversational approach
  • Technical Writer wishing to learn about conversational writing
Conversational writing may appear nice to read and easy to follow. But do you want to know:
  • How to use it in your technical documentation?
  • Which approach to follow?
  • What would you need to learn to be an expert conversationalist?
One-to-one conversations break all expectations and give an informal tone to documentation. This new approach introduces conversational sentences that engage users’ interests and thereby provide a better user experience.

Transform your documentation to conversation style by making simple changes to it – Make it simpler, positive and intuitive.
The secret ingredient to conversational style is to use active voice and direct sentences. Using positive approach also helps build trust with customers.
Which sentence interests you:
  • Avoid past tense in documentation
  • Use present or present continuous tense in documentation.
The latter gives a positive note – you like it, right?


Technical Writing: “The device measures the temperature.”
Conversational Writing: “This thermometer tells us the temperature.”

Technical Writing: “The software generates a report.”
Conversational Writing: “This program makes a report for us.”


Meet the Presenter

Deepa Siddharthan

15+ years of experience in technical documentation

Current Role: Principal Technical Writer, Oracle

About the Presenter
With an experience of 15+ years in technical documentation, I have been working with Conversational Style Writing since 2020. After moving to this style, the transformed documentation has better clarity, simpler and active sentences. This style of writing makes the documentation better structured and concise.
I have created intuitive product documentation and training materials. I’m always interested in trying new methodologies and processes that simplify writer’s workload and save time. I have around nineteen plus years of experience in Technical Writing and Training Areas.
As an avid blogger, I’ve published a set of blogs using Word Press with topics about self development, time management and help documentation.
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About TWT Chennai Team

TWT Chennai Team has organised an Offline Conference on Dec 3, 2022 apart from multiple webinars in 2022

Team Members: Deepa S, Niroopa, Carolin

You can get in touch with the team members for any questions or if you want to contribute.

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