TWT UX Writing Course Registration page

Enter details to register for the UX Writing Certification course. Please make sure to enter the transaction ID. For group registration of 3 or more, one person can pay and mention the following for others in the Message box: 1. Full Name 2. Mobile Number 3. Email ID
The same name (First and Last) will be used on your certificate.
Only enter a Gmail ID or other IDs supported by Google.
Select only if you are already not a member.
$ 0.00
Instead of scanning, you can also pay directly from your bank account or GPay / PayTM / other payment Apps using this UPI ID : paytechwriters@icici
Price: $ 0.00
Amount mentioned In USD. Pay to TWT Paypal account using the URL and enter transaction details in the Message box below.
1. Enter your transaction ID here. 2. If you are registering as a group of 3 or more participants, make a combined payment and enter the name, email ID, and mobile number of all the other members.
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