When We Met to Benefit from Lockdown

The lockdown was already 2+ weeks old in India and with everyone working from home to keep COVID-19 away, the opportunities to interact with fellow writers got limited. As Lockdown began settling down on us with helplessness, some of us thought about the simplest way to beat the bad impact and keep us motivated. We can’t go out to meet. But, we can still meet virtually!! How Cool!

Virtually sip coffee together, from our homes and discuss the flavours of writing that provide us bread with butter.

Interact with professionals of same field

Discuss topics other than what one does on weekdays for office work

Use the takeaways to enhance skill set.

Great Idea! But, how to make it real!

Some of us sharing the pain points joined hands, virtually, thought about starting without an overwhelming agenda, still keeping it focussed to work without delving into the fearsome statistics of Corona across the globe.

  • Agenda was set around which training or learning one achieved recently
  • Accept general Q&A slot
  • Not just one running the show
  • All participate

Did the mission “Beat Lockdown” work or was Knocked Down?

The stage was set. First meeting, lesser number of people manage to confirm. Considering the meeting day being a Saturday, people do have a lot of household work during this tough time. Thankfully, rest did not make the host wait. In fact, some of the virtual seats were taken before the host could manage to join after facing the customary technical glitch.

Basic introduction soon led to questions being asked and from there on it was tough to stop the discussions. We discussed topics from how to write better english to how to use doc as a code. We asked random questions about processes and tools and thankfully the small group managed some satisfactory answers too. In the end, the host was forced to mention with heavy heart, “Sorry, but it is going to be one hour and we must close the meeting.”

So Rude! But, all good things must end.

All bad things also must end!! Are you listening Corona?

Chirping of the birds always gives hope to a beautiful morning ahead.

So, we finished the first meeting with date and time set for the next virtual meet. Lockdown impact is history now for us.
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