Quiz and Voice Bot FAQs

Brainy Bits

  1. This type of ‘voice’ is recommended in Technical Writing ……………
  2. What is a ‘Story’ part of in the Product Development process?
  3. What does DTD stand for?
  4. Documentation that deals with how two softwares interact …………….
  5. Process are best depicted using ……………….
  6. What do you use to avoid repeatedly writing the same piece of text?
  7. What is the initial step-by-step depiction of a video script called?
  8. What is MVP in Agile product development?
  9. What is applied in Madcap flare to differentiate the content based on your outputs?
  10. What is the process of translating Help content to different languages to cater to customers in different geographical regions?
  1. Active voice
  2. Epic
  3. Document Type Definition
  4. API Documentation
  5. Flowcharts
  6. Content Snippets
  7. Storyboard
  8. Minimum Viable Product
  9. Condition tag
  10. Localization
Theme Based FAQs

This quick FAQ section helps you know the new trends, technologies, and tools.

Voice Interfaces

Q. What is Voice User Interface?
A. The Voice User Interface (VUI) allows people to use voice input to control computers and devices.

Q. What are some popular VUIs?

A. Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and Siri are some popular brands of voice experiences.

Q. Why use a Voice User Interface?
A. Voice offers the natural way of interacting with technology not only with ease but also with speed. This is driving the future of technology.

Q. Why is everybody gung-ho about voice?
A. Throughout the history of computing, we have used various methods that are progressively natural to interface with machines. The CLI, punchcards, keyboard, and mouse were steps in that direction with Touch screens being the most recent development. The future will most likely be VOICE. 

Q. What are some best practices for designing for voice?
A. When designing for the voice interfaces, four main ideas of a meaningful conversation should be kept in mind:

Q. Do technical writers have a role in writing for voice interfaces?
A. Voice experiences are about conversations built on Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Writing for conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence will require great deal of writing expertise.
Yes, writers do have a role to play!

Q. What is conversational writing?
A. Conversational writing is a way to anticipate the type of questions that a customer might ask within your context. If you understand the intent of the customer, it is all about writing script within the context of that intent. See this sample script and workshop for more information.

Q. How do I benefit from learning more about VUIs?
A. Almost all companies are now adding voice as a capability into their products and thus creating new opportunities such as Conversation Designers, Voice Interface Writers, Voice Designers, Bot Writers and so on. 

Q. What should I learn about voice interfaces?
A. Learn more about voice interfaces, writing microcontent, and creating conversational flows. Check out the following resources for more information:

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