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About the Artist

Name: Nupur Pattnaik
Designation: Former Associate Technical Writer
Company Name: Scientific Games, Chennai, erstwhile ( Bally Technologies Pvt. ltd ).
Current Designation: Looking for an opportunity to work in the USA.


I hide, I disguise, I make it look right..
The world is awry, and I am alone, if I don’t dare, people shall make my clones..
Some true, some false, moreover they are all a facade..
So I try and try and try to camouflage..
Hiding beneath the skin of the world, never really ready to bare my soul..
A little blue, a little pink, each moment I let my thoughts shrink..
Forever won’t be too long a ride, someday I shall strike a page..
Until then I must lie low..until then I must not show..
Oh boy! It’s not so easy life, so camouflage is what I like!



-Nupur Pattnaik

Why I Write

I write neither for the honors

Nor for my name on the papers

Neither to bag any award

Nor for the monetary rewards

Neither to get any reviews

Nor for those thousand views

Neither to get hundreds of likes

Nor to command a heavy price

All I know is I have a writer in me

I write to express and set myself free

-Sudheendra Fadnis

About the Artist

Sudheendra Fadnis is a technical writer working for an IT company in Hyderabad.He is a passionate word smith and a life enthusiast who wants to live his life to the fullest.


About the Artist

Mamatha Sathola is an introverted technical writer and illustrator. She enjoys transforming complex concepts into simple words, and complex emotions into simple illustrations.

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