TWT Documentation Website Fair – Part 2

Tech Writer’s Tribe is starting the new year (2024) with part 2 of the unique event, first-of-its-kind effort in the global technical documentation industry, started in 2023. The event represents 196th consecutive week of activities for tech writers by Tech Writer’s Tribe.

Multiple presenters from multiple companies and locations join hands to share the team efforts in creating a documentation website.


  • Date: Jan 6 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11 AM-12.30 PM IST
  • Schedule of the Day:
    • 11.05-11.30 AM: Presentation of Doc Site 1 by Akash Jujam
    • 11.31 AM-12.01 PM: Presentation of Doc Site 2 by Venkatesh
    • 12.02-12.22 PM: Presentation of Doc Site 3 by Corlynne
    • 12.23-12.40 PM Display of Multiple Popular Doc Sites and group discussion (What a doc site needs? How to plan it?)

Recording of the Session

About the Event


A unique fair for technical writers and others who want to understand how a technical documentation website is created and maintained.

This session can benefit all who:

  • Plan to create a documentation website
  • Want to learn how others have created a doc website
  • Like to explore different methods required for a doc website
  • Need to know the role of doc tools in a website
  • Have general questions about the doc websites 

Technical Documentation websites can be internal or external. It can be public or private. It can serve just the product documentation for guides and topics or can also have Developer documentation.

Join to learn how Doc team members in different companies have created their doc websites.

About the Sessions

Session 1: Doc Site of Precisely

Presenter: Akash Jujam

A large number of products required a consistent content experience. We leveraged metadata and taxonomy by incorporating them into search facets. Preparing the files for migration posed a challenge.

After the initial setup, our internal resources worked on the look and feel, as well as setting up other aspects of the documentation site. We have automated processes. Several mandatory metadata fields restrict publishing if not present. The new Help Center provides a robust way of delivering content to our customers.

Session 2: Doc Site of VMware 

Presenter: Venkatesh

The website is a product document site for VMware Bare Metal Automation.

It has all the documents such as Release Notes, Installation Guide, Architecture Guide, Workflow Guide, and User Guide for VMware Bare Metal Automation.

All the guides are designed using the DITA principle and the contents are segregated based on topics.

Session 3: Internal Site of Capgemini

Presenter: Corlynne O’Sullivan

The intranet TechPub Menu was designed to display past technical writing projects to future and current clients.

Using Sharepoint and Figma, we designed a website to display technical publications as a service.

The website provides an overview of our division and consultancy areas.

Meet the Presenters

Akash Jujam
Corlynne O'Sullivan

Senior Information Developer, Precisely (Pune)

I’m a seasoned professional with nearly 6 years of experience in the dynamic field of Technical Writing.

Having immersed myself in both the Software and Mechanical domains, I’ve held diverse roles, ranging from Technical Writer to Senior Technical Writer, Trainer, and Project Manager.

Currently serving as a Senior Information Developer at Precisely, I bring a wealth of expertise to the realm of content development.

My commitment to continuous learning is evident in my active participation in training, webinars, and conferences. I firmly believe that education is timeless, and as a Technical Writer,

I embrace each day as an opportunity for discoveries. Beyond the professional realm, I find joy in unwinding with TV series, diving into a good book, or engaging in computer games during my free time.

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Senior Technical Writer, Broadcom (VMware) (Chennai)

10-plus years of experience in technical writing who is passionate about writing user-friendly documents that efficiently communicate complex technical concepts to the target audience in a simple, clear, and precise manner to provide a splendid user experience.

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UX Designer, Capgemini (Eindhoven)

Corlynne brings a wealth of experience in UX design, specializing in internal tooling and the seamless integration of technical content and design.

Her expertise lies in creating user-centric interfaces that not only look good but also elevate the user experience to new heights.

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