Editor's Note

Happy New Year!

“May the New Year bring Health, Happiness and Good fortune” – we might have sent these greetings to our near and dear every New year several times before, but surely never in such an earnest and wholehearted way as this time! Now the shutters are down on the ill-fated year, 2020. There is only one common wish on all lips, that this New year portends good luck and heals the humanity of the wounds the pandemic has inflicted in one way or the other.

Despite all the chaos, the writing has never stopped. There was new product documentation, new e-learning courses, new decks and videos for presentation, and newer technologies to support AI & ML throughout last year. Several software applications have been re-calibrated to meet the challenges halfway and to overcome the unprecedented hardships the pandemic imposed on us, for example, Zoom, Teams, G Meet started supporting large groups of peopl meeting online trying to collaborate from different parts of the world. Several e-learning technologies sprung up to support the Study-from-Home students and teachers. This goes to prove, one more time, that man fares better in the face of adversity!

Another interesting fact emerged in the new normal – East or West, Tech writing or E-learning, coding or testing, Product Design or Project Management, work went on uninterrupted and the Home-office gained cognizance more than ever before. At the end of 2020, majority of the companies were flashing higher productivity graphs than the previous years when work was carried out mostly on the precincts of offices. All-Hands sessions Annual Company Meets including the Annual Employee Performance Appraisals have been achieved using the very digital technologies that we all have developed and documented.

Here is the toast from the TWT Newsletter team for the biggest achievement of our careers so far! Hope to find every one of us work with renewed energies and enthusiasm!

Active contributions are sought from every enthusiast to enrich the community that we are all part of. You can submit your topics and the articles will be published in the upcoming newsletter editions on first-come-first-published basis. Together, let’s keep this effort alive. 

Adieu 2020 – that brought in gloomy doom!

Welcome, 2021 that will help us bounce back to healthy happy lives!

Highlights of the second edition of TWT Newsletter, Writing & Beyond:

While retaining all the components we offered in our first edition, we are introducing a few new features this time. Travel Diaries – that will give a glimpse into the travel experiences – good, bad and ugly.  Crossword puzzle – to sharpen your language abilities and Hobbies Talk – to showcase one’s talent and interests from the writers’ community. Enjoy your reading through this edition!