Creative Musings


Under the pale moonlight

Alone she lies in the pale moonlight.

Scarred and marred and losing insight.

Her skin is scathed and hair is tangled..

In the starry skies her flaws were shackled.

She was strong and sweet, but oh! she was led by many emotions.

Scattered in her mind were endless dimensions.

She dreamed of the day she would always be strong.

She rather didn’t know it was her moment to belong.

She stretched and she bent but she stood upright.

Tonight is the night from whence she shall shine so bright.

All her dreams shall come true.

Everything and all under the pale moonlight!

—Nupur Pattnaik


Nupur Pattnaik

A Former Associate Technical Writer

Scientific Games, Chennai

Don't Wanna Remember

Suddenly, no one dared to touch,

never thought life would become such.

Don’t wanna remember 2020,

for the pain it gave me plenty.

Our minds need healing,

from the misery we are feeling.

Looking for the light,

which is still not in sight.

Who is to blame?

when no one can tame.

Every single day,

is a struggle to stay.

Can your breath

be the cause of your death?

With all of us in isolation,

can’t there be a better solution?

Just hold on to hope,

to get a will to cope.

Don’t wanna remember 2020,

for the pain it gave me plenty.

—Vishal Gupta


Vishal Gupta

A technical writer with more than ten years of experience who loves to explore and implement innovative ways of presenting technical information. In his free time, he likes to watch movies and read books.


Mohan Raghuram

A passionate writer with a zeal to contribute to the Technical Writing and Photography communities in the most creative way.