Career Conversations is an initiative where experienced technical writers came forward to share their journey and career growth.

TWT Mumbai team kicked off the initiative in February. The first season of this series covered Career Transition and Career Progression for Technical Writers. Among the three episodes of this season, the first episode was with Senior Content Designer, Intuit, Bengaluru Sheena Lakshmi. She talked about her transition from Technical Writing to Content Design.

Feb 18 – Interview with Sheena Lakshmi – by Shrutika Kalgutkar

In what was an engaging and captivating conversation more than an interview, Sheena shared her inspiring journey of transitioning from Technical Writing to Content Design. Sheena also had a surprise giveaway, her eBook, Content Design – What’s the hype all about, for our audience. 

Through this conversation, we gained valuable insights into planning, steps, studies, and personal experiences involved in making a successful career transition. Sheena identified three major factors that one should evaluate while considering career transition. The Why, How, and When. One needs to ask themselves these questions and evaluate the answers before making the jump. 

Two terms stuck with me ever since Sheena mentioned them during our conversation. #stretchgoals – One cannot achieve ambitious goals without pushing boundaries. #customerobsession – One can deliver exceptional customer experiences only when they put customers at the center of everything. (Not to be confused with Customer Centricity) 

In conclusion, the interview with Sheena showcased the path, possibilities, and rewards that come with a successful career transition. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those considering a career transition. If you’re contemplating a career shift, remember that with dedication, perseverance, and a passion for learning, new doors of opportunity can open, leading to a fulfilling professional journey in a field of your choice! 

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
- Arthur C. Clarke
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