TWT Hyderabad Offline Conference (June 10, 2023)


Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers based at Hyderabad and nearby to attend the second offline conference of Technical Writers organised by TWT Hyderabad Team of Anirban, Ramya and Rishi.

The first conference (Aug 20, 2022) was the biggest ever regional event held in Hyderabad for the tech writing community and the first OFFLINE event for tech writers post COVID in India.

Let us join hands again and make it a bigger success to yield better benefit for the tech writers of Hyderabad and nearby areas.

About the Conference

The Schedule

The Experts and their Sessions - 1

The Presenter: Anurag Srivastava
Current Role: Manager, Technical Documentation, Model N India

The Topic

Automating Release Notes: A new approach

About the Session

Practical constraints wouldn’t allow massive changes to process. Doc writers are constrained by time. Mechanical tasks take over huge amounts of time – experts’ time being misused. Automating these mechanical tasks gives more time to the doc writers.

It is very useful for the document writer to create release notes in a few seconds and send them to stakeholders for their quick review. We can publish release notes at the desired location in any format we want, which saves time and reduces review cycles.

About the Presenter

Automation enthusiast, technology documentation writer, and build and deployment expert who embraces opportunities to build, grow, and improve the documentation and related strategies with fair reasons and available tools.

He has worked with documentation, build, and deployment teams in his career at industry-leading organizations. His innovative strategies and execution of product documentation and document build systems have had a far-reaching impact on enterprise documentation delivery in general. He is capable to bring a unique balance of product and technical understanding to the documentation team.

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The Presenter: Ramakanth Reddy Kotha
Current Role: Sr Manager – Technical Documentation, Innovapptive Inc.

The Topic

Giving what your customer needs

About the Session

Technical Writers are the unsung warriors in an organization where the heroes are developers. Most often documentation is treated as a nice to have item. However much you try to show the fantastic documentation that you have done, the value is not seen by the stakeholders.
So, what areas can you showcase and make an impact? Use your knowledge of the product and the domain to

  • Help customer support teams to reduce support costs
  • Make customers feel that they are in control of the product
  • Help marketing team get right messaging for release communication
  • And…


About the Presenter

  • Over 23 years of experience in Technical Documentation, Trainings, and Digital Marketing.
  • Worked in organizations like SAP Labs, IBM Software Labs, and Oracle.
  • Mentoring experience of over 18 years.

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The Presenter: Amandeep Singh Talwar
Current Role: Technical Publications Manager, Microchip

The Topic

Oxygen XML: Authoring to match the global trend

About the Session

The presentation covers the process of editing, developing, and publishing content using Oxygen XML Author or Editor.

Additionally, attendees will be introduced to several free and useful add-ons for Oxygen XML Author or Editor that can help technical documentation writers in:

  • Enhancing their editing experience using AI
  • Collaborating with colleagues on a Git project
  • Working with diagrams in DITA topics
  • Receiving and managing feedback from website documentation directly in the application
  • Converting various document formats to DITA XML
  • Defining validation checks and terminology rules specific to your application.

About the Presenter

Aman Talwar is leading a team at Microchip Technologies, Hyderabad. He has over 15 years of experience in technical communication, which includes writing and managing product and developer documentation for complex software technologies, building and leading global teams, and improving content creation and delivery processes. Before he worked at Xilinx and led a distributed team working on a variety of products and deliverables.

He is actively engaged in several change initiatives, including the transition to DITA and improving the content experience for users. He has a Master’s in Computer Application. He thinks coding is fun, and can often be found writing scripts to take care of drudge work or automate a process.

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The Experts and their Sessions - 2

The Presenter: Swathi Pachipenta
Current Role: Staff Technical Writer, GE Digital

The Topic

Information Architecture – Types, Process, and Examples

About the Session

From a school teacher to a driving school trainer to the CEO of a company, information architecture (IA) is naturally used by anyone who imparts knowledge – whether one realizes it or not.

This session describes how we use it naturally in our everyday lives, the various types of IA, and how to create the right IA based on one’s needs.

About the Presenter

I have been a technical writer for 13 years. Apart from content creation, I have been into creating videos, analyzing web traffic on our documentation, setting up processes and standards, etc. And, information architecture has been an integral part of my work throughout.

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The Presenter: Dipsova Saha
Current Role: Senior Content Developer -2, Insight Software

The Topic

Building a Work Journal: Beyond Metrics


About the Session

Assessing the quality of Technical documentation is often regarded as highly subjective, making it challenging to measure or evaluate the work being done.

While user metrics can provide valuable insight into the efficacy of any documentation, a well-maintained work journal comes in handy in documenting a writer’s process and efforts.

Building a work journal goes beyond simply recording daily tasks; it is a potent tool that can enhance productivity, monitor progress, and demonstrate work processes.

The session will delve into the process of building a work journal tailored to tech writers, allowing them to showcase their process effectively.


About the Presenter

Meet Dipsova, a seasoned content professional with over 12+ years of experience in content development. For the past 5+ years, she has been dedicated to technical writing, working with diverse technologies and domains.

From documenting chipset specifications to ERP user guides, Dipsova has a passion for emerging technologies.

What sets her apart is a keen interest in exploring and scrutinizing the user journey of her products, enabling her to empathize with the user and preemptively resolve their queries.

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The Presenter: Shamlee Vinay Ratnaparkey
Current Role: Principal Technical Writer, Broadcom

The Topic

Value Addition by Technical Writers

About the Session

Over the years, technical writing has evolved, and a writer’s job is not just confined to gathering inputs, creating, and delivering content to an end-user. Today, writers can contribute to the success of a company and enhance the customer experience by adding value in numerous ways.

The session covers a few value additions that writers can practice to add value to their content, product, and company.

Key Highlights

  • Activities to be performed to improve performance
  • Interactions to improve customer experience
  • Adding new feathers in the cap

About the Presenter

I am a seasoned technical writer with two decades of industry experience in the technical writing field. Currently, working as a Principal Technical Writer for Broadcom.

I have over 20 years of technical writing experience. Based on my interaction with fellow cowriters, cross-functional teams, and customers, I have practised a few value additions over the years that have added value to my content, product, and stakeholders.

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Group Activity: UX Writing Workshop


As a technical writer, you may not be hearing the term, UX writing for the first time. Considering the growth of UX Writing as a career option, you may have plans to learn and move on.

How about testing yourself with a group activity! Join hands with attendees of the event,  work as a team and solve the puzzle set and judged by UX Writing experts.

Leadership Summit

Multiple leaders of Technical Documentation teams from various companies of Hyderabad share platform to explain how their documentation teams are being the X-factor, their challenges, the solutions, and current trends.

The audience can interact with questions.

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How to Register

Thank you for the overwhelming response. As we have reached capacity, we were forced to close the registration. If there are drop-outs by Friday evening, we can allow replacements. Please call/WhatsApp +91 7337332587 to show interest.

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