Technical Writing Job Search: The Essentials


Are you a technical writer looking for a new job? If so, this workshop is for you!
In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Write a winning resume and cover letter
  • Ace your technical writing interview
  • Network with other technical writers
  • Land your dream job

The workshop will be led by Sumedh Nene, a seasoned technical writer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. 
Having helped job seekers in India and abroad, he will share his expertise and advice on how to get your foot in the door and land your dream job.

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As this is Mentorship Program, you can learn by viewing the recordings too. 

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About the Workshop

TWT Mentorship Initiative to Help Job Seekers

Whether you are a fresher or experienced technical writer looking for a job in India or outside India, it is always a good idea to prepare in advance and make a planned approach.

Tech Writer’s Tribe Mumbai Team is introducing a series of workshops to help job seekers. Our expert, Sumedh Nene, will help you prepare for your dream jobs with this workshop spread over 4 sessions.

This mentorship initiative is conducted through online sessions of 4 workshops on 2 consecutive weekends.

All the participants need to register for the complete series of 4 workshops.

  • Format: Online Workshop with demo and Q&A + hands-on wherever possible 
  • Duration: 2 hours for each workshop. Total 8 hours for the whole series.
  • Domain: Purely from a Technical Communication perspective 
  • Topics
    • Being Found (Day 1)
    • Resumes: (Day 2)
    • Preparing for the Interview (Day 3) 
    • Portfolios (Day 4)  
  • Dates: June 17-18, 24-25

Timing of each session: 10.15 AM-12.15 PM IST

Testimonials about Sumedh

I took a 3-month class in Social Media and I learned more about LinkedIn and how to maximize it for my search for work in the 2-hour presentation given by Sumedh! He knows his topic like the back of his hand and presents it in a confident, engaging, and easy-to-follow manner, with humour and grace. There is no question he considers it irrelevant or too basic. I would gladly take any class taught by Sumedh and know that it would be a good investment of my time. (Sumedh's student at George Brown College)
Ann Kennedy
Copy editor, Proofreader
I had the privilege of attending Sumedh's presentation on maximizing my LinkedIn profile, and on job searching techniques. I found the presentation very useful and took his advice regarding posting my resume on various sites, and updating my profile on LinkedIn. Within a week, I had already received an e-mail regarding a job opportunity. Thanks Sumedh!
Alexa McCarthy
Student at George Brown College

About the Program

Meet the Mentor: Sumedh Nene

20+ years of international experience in Technical CommunicationsSumedh has been helping job seekers of all streams and professions find and get jobs for over 10 years. This is not his profession, but his passion.

Be it newcomers to Canada, people between projects, or those looking for a career transition, Sumedh has:
  • helped them use LinkedIn effectively for job search
  • prepared them for interviews
  • helped optimize resumes for specific jobs and
  • mentored them on creating attractive portfolios to WOW the hiring managers.
Work Highlights
  • Worked in the Bay Area for 8+ years with Cisco Systems, HP, Philips Components
  • In Singapore & Australia for 6 years with Deutsche Bank, Levi’s, United Overseas Bank
  • In Toronto for 8 years in public and private sectors and
  • In India for almost 10 years with Persistent Systems, Philips Healthcare, TIBCO, Nvidia Graphics, among others.


Mentoring and Guidance

  • Mentored MBA students from many B-schools
  • Prepared for campus interviews
  • Faculty at Rotman School of Business and George Brown College (Toronto), BITS Pilani, SIMS, SIBM, and PIBM in Pune.

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TWT Mumbai Team

TWT Mumbai Team has organised multiple innovative online events in the past. The latest innovative event from them is this Interview series. 

Interview Series conducted so far:

  1. February 18, 2023: First event  
  2. March 11, 2023: Second Event
  3. April 8, 2023: Third Event


Team Members: Shrutika Kalgutkar, Saurabh Toraskar, Mugdha Morale

You can get in touch with the team members for any questions or if you want to contribute.

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    Looking forward to the session.

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    Posted at 17:25h, 12 March Reply

    Need to learn more about resume building and utilise it in the most efficient way

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