TWT Bengaluru Offline Conference (June 15, 2024)


The rise and growth of technical writers from India in the field of global technical documentation have been phenomenal. In the  last few years, the skilled Indian technical writers have been contributing effectively to the roles that were earlier traditionally held by experts from other countries.

Celebrating the Indian achievement in June, Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers from Bengaluru and nearby areas to attend the fourth offline conference of Technical Writers organised by TWT Bengaluru Team.

The conference provides an opportunity to network with different levels of our community under one platform and learn from multiple sessions and discussions.

Let us join hands again and make it a bigger success to yield better benefits for the tech writers of Bengaluru and nearby areas.

About the Conference

The Schedule

The Experts and their Sessions - 1

The Topic

Discovering the New World of Prompt Engineering

Nidhi Prashant Augustine and Banurekha Balaji

About the Session

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the basis for mimicking human intelligence processes by machines and acquiring problem-solving capabilities. Until the dawn of AI, we used search engines or similar tools to specify keywords and look for information about a particular topic. In the New Era of AI, we use prompts to question or command the AI so that it can deliver the most accurate and useful information about a specific topic.

Prompting is a technique and a form of interaction between a human and a Large Language Model (LLM). Prompts are vital for retrieving information, analysing data, and enhancing generated content. A short, clear, and precise prompt directs the AI to yield the desired results. Prompt engineering helps in enhancing the user experience with the large language model.

AI prompts are both an art and a science. Like prompting, other techniques such as fine-tuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) are widely used to interact with AI. RAG is a more intelligent and context-aware AI. In this presentation, we will cover prompts, prompt template, and show examples on how just by changing the prompts you can get the desired results in the expected output format. We will also show how to set context using prompts and how to reduce AI hallucinations.

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence and prompt engineering
  • Introduction to RAG and Finetuning
  • Best practices on writing prompts and prompt templates
  • Use cases and examples of prompts
  • Learning curve for technical writers

About the Presenters

Presenter 1: Nidhi Prashant Augustine
Current Role: User Assistance Development Architect at SAP Labs

During my 18 years of expertise in technical communication and academia, I have created developer tutorials, trained authors, doc leads, and information architects on various tools and concepts. I also develop training content from scratch for both instructor-led and self-paced trainings on documentation concepts for global audience.

I also mentor budding information architects. I also have filed a patent in the field of Data Management.

I have presented at several conferences such as IEEE Bangalore chapter, Technical Communications UK, and so on. I also have an IEEE publication: Click to view.

Connect with Nidhi on LinkedIn

Presenter 2: Banurekha Balaji
Current Role: User Assistance Development Architect at SAP Labs

With over 18 years of expertise in technical communication, I’m currently designated as User Assistance Development Architect. I create developer tutorials, train technical writers on SAP-specific documentation tools and concepts.

I have also been developing training content from scratch for both instructor-led and self-paced trainings on documentation concepts and deliver the same for technical writers across all SAP locations. I am actively involved in mentoring budding information architects.

I have presented topics relevant to documentation in IEEE conference Bangalore chapter and an IEEE paper publication: Click to view

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The Experts and their Sessions - 2

The Presenter: Mridula Menon
Current Role: Senior Manager, GreyOrange

The Topic

Driving Customer Experience: Power of Reusable Content

About the Session

Reuse content to give customer-specific documentation and drive CX to the next level.

Key Highlights

  • How reusable content fits into a BANI world?
  • Why it’s so important for Content Leaders to strategize the architecture keeping reusability in mind?
  • How reusability can support Instructional Design
  • View a Usecase


About the Presenter

A rich experience in product development, content development, and BI in the SaaS domain has enabled me to explore various roles in my work life.
As a goal-oriented and customer-centric content leader and strategist, I hone my teams to champion innovative ways to manage information and bring about customer success and satisfaction.
As the Senior Manager of Information Development at GreyOrange, I head the content team that engages with SAAS applications, AI, robotics, SCM, warehouse management systems, and hardware.
I push my boundaries consistently challenging everything l know and engage in the process of continuous unlearning and relearning.

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The Present: Malathi Prathivadhi
Current Role: Principal Technical Writer at Boomi

The Topic

Empowering Developers: Designing a Documentation Portal

About the Session

For organizations and platforms like the Boomi Platform, prioritizing developer experience is paramount. It revolves around delivering a seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly encounter.

Central to this experience is well-designed, accessible, discoverable, and relevant documentation. Such documentation serves as a vital component in aiding developers to swiftly access necessary content and comprehend the effective utilization of a product or service.

To achieve this, our focus must sharpen on the developer journey. It necessitates the provision of a centralized hub, namely the developer documentation site, where developers can readily locate essential information and resources crucial for their success.

This endeavor involves crafting a concise content strategy, designing a developer documentation site that is easy to navigate, establishing a clean and organized information architecture, and ensuring developers can swiftly discover and access the required resources.

About the Presenter

At Boomi, I oversee the development of developer documentation. Previously, I served at Conviva, leading the creation of SDK and API documentation.

Prior to that role, my tenure at SAP SuccessFactors involved contributing to documentation for the Recruiting module, alongside leading API documentation efforts.

If you’ve noticed a recurring theme in my career, it predominantly revolves around API and developer documentation. This stems from my early career as a Java developer, where I spent 12 years at Oracle and TCS before transitioning into the field of Technical Writing.

Given the rapid advancement of cloud technologies, the demand for integrations has surged. Consequently, there’s an ever-growing necessity for comprehensive developer documentation.

My objective is clear: through effective developer documentation, I aim to empower developers to utilize the product efficiently

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The Presenter: Vijaykarthik Sathiyamurthy
Current Role: Senior Technical Editor, Rubrik, Inc.

The Topic

Stress in the world of technical communication

About the Session

We’re not launching rockets and satellites into space. We’re not performing complex, high-risk brain surgeries. We’re not detecting and diffusing bombs.

Yet, going by what one hears often, everyone and their uncle in the profession of technical communication seems to be extremely stressed out—all the time. Clearly, something is out of whack.

Let’s explore stress from various perspectives, especially as it plays out in the world of technical communication.

Let’s see if we can gain some new insights into the mechanism of stress, thereby hoping to devise methods to reduce, overcome, or accept different aspects of stress as appropriate.

About the Presenter

Vijaykarhik Sathiyamurthy (aka “Vijay Yes”) is an experienced technical editor, certified corporate trainer, and a theater actor, director, and acting coach.

As a technical editor, Vijay started  by learning about style guides and applying style guidelines. He gradually grew into positions that involved maintaining and updating style guides.

Eventually, Vijay went on to create complete style guides almost from scratch for a couple of organizations, also training his writer colleagues all along the way on numerous aspects related to writing mechanics.

Vijay founded Opensaysme Creations and Communications a few years ago with the view of producing theater plays and short-format cinema and also offering workshops to individuals and corporates on a variety of soft skills.

Vijay occasionally tries his hand at composing music and writing lyrics. Some of his musical-lyrical compositions can be sampled on SoundCloud.

Vijay has also facilitated a series of poetry workshops for Bangalore Writers Workshop. His writings on topics related to art, theater, and cinema can be read online at Click to read

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The Experts and their Sessions - 3

The Presenter: Priyadarshi Mishra
Current Role: Business R&D Team Leader, Hitachi Energy

The Topic

Impact of Documentation Using Product Management Life Cycle

About the Session

Documentation is the unsung hero of the product management life cycle, weaving its influence from inception to retirement. At each stage – from ideation and development to launch and maintenance – meticulous documentation serves as the roadmap, the reference point, and the guardian of product integrity.

Documentation bridges the gap between product and user, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience and fostering product adoption. Well-crafted documentation nurtures user trust, enhances satisfaction, and sets the stage for long-term success.

In essence, documentation is the silent force that underpins the product management life cycle. Its impact reverberates across every stage, shaping outcomes, and safeguarding success. To overlook its importance is to court chaos; to embrace it is to pave the way for innovation and excellence.

About the Presenter

I have 14+ yrs of experience after starting my professional career as an Assistant Professor at CMR Institute of Technology and then switching to become a technical writer.

I have done my B.Tech on computer science and engineering in 2007 from Odisha and M.Tech in computer network and engineering in 2012.

I have published 5 technical research paper in computer network domain and currently writing a script of a web series for one of the reputed Production house.

I have worked for different MNCs like Flipkart, Genpact, Dell, ITC Infotech, HCL, and Cloud4c Services Pvt ltd.

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The Presenter: Subin B
Current Role: Information Developer, Aquera

The Topic

Docs as Tests: Is It Worth It?

About the Session

Testing the document is often a manual process. Ever thought about using an automated process?
Join the session to explore the possibility.

Key Highlights

  • Overview of Docs as Tests
  • Key features
  • A demo using Doc Detective to test the freshness of an API (and ideally integrate Doc Detective to CI/CD pipeline)
  • Review the effort to implement Doc Detective
  • Resources


About the Presenter

Subin has over 6 years of experience in the writing space. Over the years, he has worked with established brands such as Nokia, Michelin, CGI, and startups like Beebom and Aquera.

He is always on the lookout for new tools to enhance the documentation experience.

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The Presenter: Priyanka Upadhyay
Current Role: Staff Technical Writer, ServiceNow

The Topic

To Be or Not To Be? An Indian Technical Writer

About the Session

Debunking myths, exploding challenges, and exploring choices for brighter sides.

An interactive session with inspiring data and open forum discussion.


About the Presenter

An episodic speaker, short story writer, volunteer, a poem writer and reciter by passion. A drop-out PGDBA.

Professionally, Staff Tech Writer/ Senior Lead Tech Writer/ Specialist with around 18 years of experience in various forms of Technical Documentation, Content Framework & Architecture Strategy, and Feedback Management.

An agilist and a certified SAFe Practitioner.

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Panel Discussion

Join the discussion of multiple leaders from technical communication to learn from their thoughts about trends, challenges, and solutions for individual contributors, managers, and technical documentation teams.


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