Writing & Beyond

Writing & Beyond

Edition 1, November 2020

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the TWT first Newsletter edition!

In this world of fast-growing and ever-changing technologies, there is someone who holds the fort, makes things easy for the user to understand and move forward – that’s the Technical Writer simplifying the complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand Help content. A technical writer is the most valued possession of any organization that produces software or hardware, desktop or mobile applications, cloud-based or stand-alone software, for, it is the technical writer who brings substance to the otherwise abstract and complex technical product.

It is this tribe of people who came together to form a workforce to Share, Care and Prepare the people on the ground in enhancing their knowledge, quality, and opportunities. The TWT Newsletter is an initiative towards bringing together the technical writers far and near and to provide an opportunity to showcase their knowledge, talent, and enthusiasm.

Despite the onslaught of the pandemic that led to stressful personal and professional lives, the writers’ community has responded with great cheer to contribute and participate in building the TWT Newsletter. The TWT Newsletter will be a Bi-Monthly phenomenon with the next edition scheduled in January 2021.

Active contributions are sought from every enthusiast to enrich the community that we are all part of. You can submit your topics and the articles will be published in the upcoming newsletter editions on first-come-first-published basis. Together, let’s keep this effort alive. Happy Reading…


Documentation Process in Agile

Sharada Narasimha explains the high-level overview regarding the documentation process followed in Agile.

Tips to Write Good Video Scripts

Shrutika Dhake provides quick tips that helps in writing good video scripts.


UX Writing Inspiration

Priyanka Joshi shares her experience on how the COVID-19 situation has inspired her to understand the nuances of UX writing.


Mindset Change

Poorva Abhyankar shares her ongoing journey of finding a job that requires just talent and not necessarily the location.

Knowing your Content Audience

Sadhana S explains about the importance of knowing your intended audience when you write for a product.


Tech Writer's Tribe Updates

Information about the Initiatives, Activities, and events of Tech Writer's Tribe. Read on...

Creative Musings page showcases the creative skills of the TW and proves that there is life beyond technical writing. Explore more…

Read Brainy Bits to know about theme-based FAQs and try your hand at the Quiz to know your Technical Writing quotient. Explore more…

Getting to know  provides insights into the journey of tech writing professionals.

Interview with Madhavi Agarwal – Staff Engineering Program Manager, ServiceNow

An Interview with Madhavi Agarwal and her journey from being a Technical Writer to a Staff Engineering Program Manager. Read her inspiring trajectory as our first interview of the TWT Newsletter.


Madhavi Agarwal

Newsletter Team

Shobha Dulluri
Chief Editor

Ravi Kumar Adapa
Lead Communications


Yuvaraj Radhakrishna

Farheen Banu
Sub Editor


Punit Shrivastava

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