TWT Release Notes (Survey): Who Provides Input?

TWT Release Notes (Survey): Who Provides Input?

Tech Writer’s Tribe conducted a global survey to understand how the technical writers work on Release Notes. Participants from several countries shared their experiences, that are divided into multiple reports.

The statistical data is displayed in different sections of the Newsletter. For details about responses, links to Release Notes, tools used, and more, access and download the PDF file of the report from the REPORT tag of Tech Writer’s Tribe App.

As technical writers act more as a curator than an author in Release Notes, the complete dependency lies on when the input is received. Product Managers and Developers are the popular options for SMEs. Some teams take input from QA (Solution Engineering or Testing) Team too. Interestingly, some teams are taking input from Documentation Managers too. Some of the participants take input from other roles.

Release Notes Survey 

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