A Tribute to Tech Writer’s Tribe

Knowing the Tribe

– Serena Kavuluri

From a fellow scribe

It’s a year old now for the group of Tech Writer’s Tribe
Let me try in MINIMALISTIC words to describe

When MS Word was struggling and was in theta
There came along a content chunking manager named DITA

Likewise when knowledge sharing was the need of the hour among us who scribe
There came along a rescue boat in the form of Tech Writer’s Tribe

From introduction to latest API documentation, the courses are set apart in their class
Drawing enthusiastic passionate technical writers assemble as a mass with no bypass

This is not a mirage, quenching technical thirst, to presume
This is a safe haven for your self-(help)-technical development to RESUME

Learning that MARKed DOWN does not mean marking down
Also to Structure the Unstructured through minimalistic gown

The trainers set the tone and feel of the class so dope!
It filled our hearts and minds with passion for futuristic learning and loads of hope!

With no ‘JEKYLL and Hyde’ side in the Tech Writer’s Tribe’s face, which always showed professional grace..
The approach includes what you experience – minimal or maximal- is what you get, it’s up to you to, information, embrace..

The search for technical constant learning ends here with a lively start- it’s time now to act
With the Tech Writer’s Tribe you have a technical family that helps you grow, thrive, and make an impact

Teaching the importance of output and input content and the need (for) to be AGILE
Better graphical presentation and representation for respite from information pile

As a food cuisine using Jee(I)RA for stimulating easy digestion
TWT stepped in as a catalyst for different aspects of technical information assimilation

With constantly updated courses ready for all tracks which require no flacks
It has created a certain level of contentment in the learners’ mind creating SYNTAX

Coordination of TWT, class management, and ease to decipher difficult topics are top notch
Running smooth like a ship sailing fine like wine, providing no chance to botch

The Tech Writer’s Tribe, as a clan, has come up with a sensible smart plan
To cater to the demanding hungry minds for technical prowess across the world to pan..

As Tech Writer’s Tribe completes one year of successful training with accomplishments, properly ascribed
Join with me to wish TWT many more successful batches and happy writers to grow, with many more subscribed…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWT! And cheers to many more !!

About the Poet

Serena Kavuluri is an enthusiastic creative writer with five years of experience as a technical writer and nine years as an editor who loves learning innovative writing and related technological aspects, and believes in bringing out the best in life, in self and others, through inspiring poems, art, humour, and craft.

  • Liz
    Posted at 12:41h, 29 March Reply

    😁 that’s an interesting way to put it!

  • Prasanna
    Posted at 12:46h, 29 March Reply

    Very well explained the TWT role play in beautiful and simple comparisons and simple language.

  • Malik Basha
    Posted at 17:56h, 29 March Reply

    It is fun to read.. You have cover all the latest skills and trends.. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing..

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