Edition 10

Google Drawings—An Easy Answer to your Drawing Needs

Vishnu Das

Sr. Information Developer

Rockwell Automation

Highlights of Google Drawings and what makes it a powerful application for creating and editing drawings.
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Exploring Documentation Tools

Quanos ST4

Himanshu Chopra

German based CCMS used for creating, modifying, releasing, publishing, and maintaining a variety of technical information.
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The Power of GitBook

Julie Joy

GitBook is a  trusty sidekick for making documentation a snap. Manage documentation like a pro and have a delightful experience with this tool.
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5 Popular HATs for Tech Docs

Puja Mitra

Five HATs that provide structured authoring environments, streamline content creation, and robust content management systems.
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It’s only WORD

Shubhadeepa Das

How MS Word helps you gain insights into the core concepts of technical writing and builds your basic skills as a technical writer.
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Blending with Blender for Animation

Sumedh Nene

Blender has emerged as a versatile and powerful tool. Explore its capabilities for animation and the types of animations we can create with it.
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Importance of Tools Knowledge 

Tanvi Desai

New technical writers should focus on mastering the evergreen skills of technical writing; skills that hold good even in the age of AI.
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Insights for Tech Writers

Rules defined by MSTP for technical documentation. Some quick insights about words to avoid in Technical Documentation.
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Important updates as well as a small story of how a little, tiny Caribbean Island finds itself cashing in on some fine AI treasure.
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TWT Survey

Tech Writer’s Tribe conducted a survey to find out which tools are used by technical documentation team members. 529 participants from 78 cities in 12 countries participated in the survey. Click below to view some reports. You can download the complete report from Tech Writer’s Tribe App.

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