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The First Anniversary! @ -365⁰ cool!

As we launch the third edition of TWT Newsletter, Writing & Beyond, our minds are abuzz with the first anniversary celebrations of Tech Writer’s Tribe that concluded just a while ago! The wonderful learning and fun events bonded the tribe members in an atmosphere of caring and sharing. We are also swept in cascading memories of the year that has gone by!

What a memorable first year it has been! 
We are thankful to the tech writers and others from the industry who have been part of this wonderful journey that started on March 28, 2020 when the world had come to a virtual standstill.

Tech Writer’s Tribe was launched with the motto: Care, Share and Prepare.

When the world was preparing to fight the war against a never-heard of deadly global enemy: COVID, the initial founders of TWT wanted to make sure that tech writers across the globe have a platform to meet every weekend to relax and not feel wary of being locked at home.

Since then, 52 consecutive weekends have witnessed various group discussions on professional topics, webinars and workshops on trending themes, mini-conferences and leadership summits – all catered to SHARE knowledge and help the community from across the globe so that no one misses out on professional growth.

As TWT turned into a registered company, based on the demands from fans we worked to PREPARE tech writers from across the continents with Certificate courses that fetched many new jobs and also helped them grow within their organisations.

The professionals needed to talk and interact with the community. Social networking of WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack was reined in to CARE for the city-based interactions where the community members helped each other by answering questions on the professional front, offering open jobs and even providing excellent mentorship.

With more than 400 tech writers already certified from our courses and the reach increasing to 8000+ across the globe, the EIGHT initial founders of TWT feel delighted and overwhelmed by your love and support.

It is indeed heartwarming to see the enthusiasm with which the Tech writer’s participated in the article writing competition, a pre event for the anniversary celebrations and the judges had a tough time selecting the best entries from the creatively charged display before them.

The winning article has been featured in the current edition.

We wish you all the best for the future and we hope you will continue connecting with us as you have in the past.

Let the flame of CARE, SHARE, PREPARE continue to burn bright, illuminating the path of professional growth.

Join Hands!

Let the Tribe of Tech Writers burgeon forth…


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